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There will be blood (and relaxation!)

We all need to unwind and blow off some steam sometimes. And if someone’s form of recreation involves bleeding a caged victim to make a nice little wading pool, who am I to judge? Mihał Ch‘s creepy vampire pleasure den imagines such a scenario in LEGO. The scene itself makes my stomach crawl a little, but I can distract myself from the visceral reminder of my own fragile mortality by checking out those cool building techniques. I love the way simple 1×2 bricks are stacked at slight angles to make the columns, and the trans-red antenna stands in for the steady drip-drip-drip of the victim’s blood into a viscous pool below. I hope that poor victim gets out soon, but it doesn’t look good.

Vampire Pleasure Chamber

Fangs for the memories

Part of the fun of Halloween for me was always the cheap plastic trinkets; pumpkin buckets, spider rings, and especially the vampire teeth. But Josephine Monterosso has put those dollar store dentures to shame with this set of blood sucking biters. A pair of Dots bracelets make a perfect base for Dracula’s gums, and the resulting creation is perfect for anyone practicing to become a dentist of the undead.

Vampire Chompers

Eat your heart out, Buffy Summers

A vampire’s thirst for blood draws him into a cunning trap in this clever Halloween creation by Lego_nuts. This sleeping damsel is actually an experienced vampire slayer, lying in wait for her prey with a whole chest full of useful weapons at the ready.

“Beauty and the vampire”

Lego_nuts has a history of photographing intricate builds with atmospheric lighting, creating images you want to spend extra time looking over so you can catch every detail and building technique. Thankfully, there’s almost always a corresponding video so you can see the build in greater detail.