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Cast off to 1996 with the Space Pirates

Captain Redbeard sails again on this LEGO model by Okay Yaramanoglu! This whole build is a love letter to the classic Pirates set Red Beard Runner from 1996, with everything from the masts and crane to the fast-flying escort and hyper-cannons mirroring the details of the original set. The pair of rowboats used as “air” intakes is an inspired decision, and Yaramanoglu has added some great greebling around the deck using various small and textured parts. That said, those sailors on the prow are starting to turn blue. Maybe someone should get them a spare oxygen tank?

Red Beard Space Runner

No nautical know-how necessary to marvel at this massive LEGO sailing ship

Sometimes, one of the hallmarks of a really great LEGO creation is that you can barely tell it’s made of LEGO. Such is the case with this stunning sailing ship (the Saint Germain, as the letters on the stern proudly proclaim) by Taeseok Kang. This elegant vessel has been rendered in detail enough to make any eighteenth-century mariner proud, from the intricate rigging (created with official LEGO rope elements rather than string) to the gradually sloping elements of the hull.

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