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The LEGO Imperials have settled in Colorado

Made as a part of a collaboration with Colorado LUGs (LEGO User Groups) CoWLUG and DENLUG, this Imperial fortress by Evan Crouch is just one piece of a massive LEGO Pirates layout. The cliffside citadel has a beautifully-textured outer wall, and is capped with quite the military unit. The large cannon, shown mid-discharge, is an excellent touch! And the motorized windmill is well done, sporting a roof similar to the LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith. But my favorite part has got to be the perfect coastline at the base of the cliffs. Trimmed in lime green vegetation, the two tones of tan are a great remnant of the waves coming in off the coast. Add to it some of the white-capped waves off the shore, and the setting feels almost alive, even in this still photo.

2023 Pirate Display - Overview 1

Beware the cannonball in this LEGO Pirates battle

The LEGO Imperials are totally overwhelmed in this Pirate battle scene by Faëbricks. The design of the black and brown sloop is exquisite, lean and ready for a fight. And yet, it still doesn’t steal attention away from the scene as a whole. The same can be said of the port structure: beautifully textured and colored, it looks as if it’s seen its fair share of weathering. But it’s clear that the current cannon fire is creating a bit more damage than years of wind and water. Gaping holes in the gate and foundation show that the pirates are clearing winning this fight, with one more cannonball about to make contact in this frozen slice of the action. Good luck, Imperials! You’re going to need it….

Les aventures d'Henri Quart - Chapitre 4 - Saint-Iseult

Terrifying leader or smelly bad guy?

When first introduced in 1977, Grand Moff Tarkin was just the bad guy that dies at the end of Star Wars. Since then, he’s been included in other movies, TV shows, books, and even LEGO. While the few minifigure versions are certainly a great representation, none of them come close to displaying the true power of the Empire’s grandest Moff the same way as this sculpture by Brandon Griffith.

Grand Moff Tarkin

Standing tall as if the Tarkin Doctrine was a set of rules about posture and uniform, he appears as the ultimate example of loyalty to the Empire. The variety of parts used in this LEGO creation is about as varied as I would expect the fictional Grand Moff’s life to be: almost all plate, slope, and tile, with the odd variation like binoculars and a jumper to represent his code cylinders and belt. And while this model has been restricted to only a few colours, the resemblance is unmistakable. Even without different coloured eyes, the single studs make it easy to see the daggers he is certainly staring.