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Surrender your life to the tyrant of the abyss

Who is the pirates’ greatest enemy? Imperial navy? Or is it really the mysterious ship-devouring monsters of the deeps? William Navarre tackles the latter with his latest creation, pitting a pirate ship against a gargantuan kraken. Of course I do not envy the pirates their futile fight, but seeing a kraken would probably be worth it either way…

The Secrets of the Abyss

This is a really dynamic image, owing this impression to the expressive curves in the monster’s tentacles and the perfect little tilt on the ship. As expected from Navarre, the build is full of intense textures and complicated techniques coupled with unique part usage. What most builders avoid like the plague, the builder uses to his biggest advantage: the water is more than a base or even just a blue background, Navarre has built it to show the forces at work with waves and splashes corresponding to the action in the scene.

LEGO Technic 42074 Racing Yacht [Review]

Unlike the charming LEGO Ideas 21313 Ship in a Bottle, the new LEGO Technic 42074 Racing Yacht, despite also being a ship, doesn’t come inside a brick-built bottle. Instead, this bright and vivid ship was designed for high-speed regattas. Even though its playability is rather limited, the set can give a young builder the very basic idea of a modern racing vessel’s mechanisms. The set is just 330-pieces big, but its retail price of £24.99/$39.99/29.99€ can make it a pretty good addition to your collection if you can deal with the model’s flaws…

Click here to read the full review…

Tora! Tora! Tora!

A Second World War themed LEGO airplane fleet is a rare sight to behold. This image by Allen Lim looks amazing, even though the Japanese Zero fighters are multiplied digitally. Obviously my favourite part is the effort put into editing, but that should not overshadow the excellent work on the aircraft carrier and the aircraft itself. There are some shapes around the cockpit and on the wings that are very impressive once you take a closer look and think about how they are done.

Tora! Tora! Tora!

I think the best way to view this aircraft is in combat in a dogfight with a Spitfire.

My Lego Spitfire Vs BM Zero Fighter

Allen has been building military aircraft throughout February so expect to see more from him in the near future.

Shrinking the ship in a bottle, even smaller

The latest LEGO Ideas model, 21313 Ship in a Bottle was released last week and some fans of the original model were sad to see the final model was smaller.  Rather than build the actual set, Jme Wheeler has built a microscale version that can be displayed on even the smallest of shelves. It is not always easy to capture the essence of a larger set in a much smaller scale, but this is a fantastic little ship in a bottle.  In particular, the use of 1×1 tiles held upright by the 1×1 modified clips is a great way to create the masts and sails.

Ship in a Bottle Micro (s)

It may seem that Jme Wheeler has made the smallest ship in a bottle possible, but it didn’t take long for another even tinier version to wash up.  Elijah Bormann has managed to build an smaller representation of the model with his adorable single stud sized ship.

Miniature Ship in a Bottle

So, does anyone think that one more, even smaller version is possible?

Well after posing the questions, I had to at least have a shot at building a nanoscale version of Ship in a Bottle.

Nanoscale Ship in Bottle

LEGO IDEAS 21313 Ship in a Bottle now available with 60th Anniversary freebie [News]

Starting today, LEGO IDEAS 21313 Ship in a Bottle is available at your local LEGO Store and the LEGO Shop online for $69.99. We predict this set will be a popular one, so we are hoping LEGO has the appropriate amount in stock to handle demand.

For larger orders of $125 or more, the promotional set 40290 60 Years of the LEGO Brick is still available from the LEGO Shop, so this is a great opportunity to get both amazing sets if you haven’t already.

LEGO 40290 Classic 60 Years of the LEGO Brick - Box

All weapons online

These two spacecrafts by ZCerberus are geared up for intergalactic war. The missile corvette appears to be an armored and mobile unit with cannons mounted on the top capable of dismantling the enemy from multiple angles.


The battle frigate is a much larger and formidable vessel capable of dishing out a serious beating. Both spacecrafts feature a striking orange hull with white ID numbers. The white box pattern along with the dark orange stripes are subtle but well-incorporated design features. Prepare to be annihilated in style!


Clear the decks, pirates be approachin’

There’s nothing like a good pirate ship to shiver our timbers, and Nicola Poloniato has built a suitably intimidating ship, cloaked in black.  The Black Star is approaching at speed with a full compliment of sails, not forgetting the Jolly Roger. I can’t say she looks friendly, just look at those cannon balls blasting from beneath the main deck.


It’s worth taking a closer look at those firing cannons; I love the smoke effect and their explosive movement cleverly built with a mix of transparent round 1×1 plates.


Set a course for the East

We’ve perhaps not seen as many Eastern-influenced LEGO creations as we might have expected following the LEGO Ninjago Movie and sets, but here’s an excellent medieval/Oriental ship creation from ElviN. The colour scheme is a little sombre, but that’s helping me imagine this her slipping her moorings before dawn and heading silently out of harbour, bound for faraway shores on nefarious Imperial business. The vessel’s dragon prow is nicely-done, and the circular entrances, lanterns, and roofing all contribute to an Eastern feel to the ship’s lines. But my favourite touch is the line of oars — protruding from smart oarholes, and well put-together from clips and tiles.

golden teeth 02

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely

This space vessel by Rat Dude is half clean geometric lines, half slimy LEGO tentacles. Which makes complete sense, obviously, because according to the builder, this is a Terran freighter corrupted by an alien species, now used to harvest human souls.


Look closely and you’ll notice a ton of interesting details, such as the dual triangular exhausts, the bright green Technic panel support beams, and the proboscis-like rudder filled with dangling ribbed hosing (presumably, this bit facilitates the soul harvesting).


Hauling bricks across the ocean

This impressive 3-foot long container ship by Jussi Koskinen can transport over 700 2×4 brick-sized containers from across your living room to wherever you need them. The use of the curved slopes helps create the gently curved contour of the hull, which is reinforced with a sturdy Technic frame that allows one to pick up the ship from either end. Smooth sailing ahead!

Container Ship (commissioned model)

SHIPtempber is over and it looks like we may have a winner!

SHIPtemper is by far my favourite month of the LEGO building calendar — we get to see inside the imaginations of the most talented builders and see what they envision for the future of humanity. This year, when friends Sean Mayo and Tyler Clites got together, not only did they create two of the most beautiful SHIPs to enter cyberspace this year, they also filmed a time-lapse of their build so we can see into their process.

Sean’s Kel Corona is a deep space scanning station that’s 110 studs long. Creating curves in LEGO is always a challenge, but the payoff is spectacular — the lines, the colours and the small touches all contribute to make this SHIP spectacular.

Kel Corona

Meanwhile, Tyler’s Bishop is seen here on its voyage to the Yens galaxy. The color choices are brilliant, the dark blue and vibrant LEGO yellow contrasting against the grey. The angled protruding air intakes on the side are sublime and I am loving the use of the new squared macaroni pieces as the company logo.

The Bishop

Click more to see more pictures and the video