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Potions, potions, potions, everywhere you look

Gayle Spiller shows us she knows how to brew a potion or two with her latest LEGO creation. It depicts Dumbledore and Snape in what I guess is Snape’s classroom. And it looks nothing like the LEGO’s latest 76383 Hogwarts Moment: Potion Class set! Gayle used a mix of techniques to portray stained glass windows. For the window on the left she used the 4-way lug wrench. On the window in the middle she used a net. And for the right window she used a combination of whips, bars and window panes. I love the base with the ingots and the columns with the arches. Having the arches stop half way makes this creation feel like just a small detail of something way bigger. The room is filled with all sorts of bottles and flasks and the absolute best little build has to be the bunsen burner using horns for legs. Which famous potions can you spot?

Potions Room

Black Family Tree Tapestry

The Black family had a tapestry depicting their family tree. Gayle Spiller managed to recreate the tapestry in LEGO and it is stunning! The magical artwork was made in the 13th century and contains family members from the Middle Ages all the way through to the present. It is located at 12 Grimmauld Place, which means it is currently owned by a certain mister Harry Potter who is not at all pictured on the tapestry. The Black family having been horrifyingly concerned with being purebloods, quite a few of the family members got disowned for various reasons; supporting Muggle rights or being a Squib. Walburga Black, Sirius Black’s mother, is presumably responsible for removing most of the disowned family members.

This incredible brick version really deserves a good zoom in. Gayle used the LEGO flag for the banners where the family members’ names are portrayed, and most of the hats are brick-built using all sorts of parts, from cones, to skirts to the ruff neckpiece. She even managed to include the Black family coat of arms. You can more find closeups on her Instagram.