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Potions, potions, potions, everywhere you look

Gayle Spiller shows us she knows how to brew a potion or two with her latest LEGO creation. It depicts Dumbledore and Snape in what I guess is Snape’s classroom. And it looks nothing like the LEGO’s latest 76383 Hogwarts Moment: Potion Class set! Gayle used a mix of techniques to portray stained glass windows. For the window on the left she used the 4-way lug wrench. On the window in the middle she used a net. And for the right window she used a combination of whips, bars and window panes. I love the base with the ingots and the columns with the arches. Having the arches stop half way makes this creation feel like just a small detail of something way bigger. The room is filled with all sorts of bottles and flasks and the absolute best little build has to be the bunsen burner using horns for legs. Which famous potions can you spot?

Potions Room

Mischief Managed

LEGO released the new Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures recently and Dishbrick placed the Weasley twins in the perfect setting: Brewing potions for their own practical joke shop. I like the use of the 5 point crystal and the power blast to show that the potions in the cauldrons are either exploding or steaming hot. Also the use of the back of the hidden side ghost faces as a bottled substance is very nice. But the best thing about this creation is the clever use of the lantern for the bunsun burner set up.