Hut on the rocks

In an iconic early scene from the first Harry Potter book, poor uncle Vernon finally cracked when a veritable flood of letters came pouring down the chimney. He had the entire family leave the house to try and prevent contact from Hogwarts. However, upon staying in a gloomy hotel, he was shocked to see letters turn up there even. Eventually, he took his whole family to a hut on a small rock on the sea. This creation by gaylespiller, although not entirely “movie-accurate,” really manages to capture the scene perfectly in LEGO. The hut itself is made out of a brown framework built from bricks with a stud on one side. The gaps in this framework are filled in with brick tiles and plates of all sorts, creating an old, crooked, and weathered look.

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  1. Some One

    Please, please don’t highlight lack of “movie-accuracy.” There is far too much rote recreation of movie scenes in LEGO already. The movies are based on books. Anyone is free to visually interpret the books however they like. The people who made the movies do not have some kind of monopoly on what scenes in the book look like. There is no inherent value in recreating the movies’ existing interpretation over creating a new interpretation.

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