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Hoppy New Year!

We’ve highlighted both adorable animals and kinetic sports builds from Chi Hsin Wei in the past. Now, to celebrate the beginning of the new year, Chi has combined both of those talents in a build that celebrates 2023 as the Year of the Rabbit. The dynamic mid-leap pose of the rabbit is undoubtedly the centerpiece of the build. But the crescent moon bike ramp, with its inventive use of tiling and the just the right amount of high-tech greeble detail, is just as impressive.


LEGO 40523 Easter Rabbits Display – Bunnies! Buuunnniies! Bun Alert! [Review]

It was only five days into the new year that LEGO revealed this year’s Easter set, 40523 Easter Rabbits Display, and let me tell you, it is adorable. It contains 288 pieces and will be available on February 1st for US $12.99 | CAN $16.99 | UK £11.99. Read on for our review of the building process and finished model.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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Down the Rabbit Hole with Gayle

Out of all the Disney movies, I think Alice in Wonderland is the one that has inspired LEGO builders the most. The wonderful world created by Lewis Carroll lends itself perfectly to be reimagined with LEGO. Gayle Spiller created the scene where Alice follows the white rabbit down the rabbit hole. Even though the scene takes place in the real world we already get a sneak peek of some of the things Wonderland has to offer. There are a lot of little critters around the rabbit hole. The presence of mushrooms also is a bode for things yet to come. Using frogs for foliage is all the rage as of recently so why not try it in autumn colours. If LEGO can pass frogs for cherry blossom then why not use them for autumn leaves. I am really wishing Gayle turns this into a series of creations because she tackled the first chapter so magnificently that I want more!

Down The Rabbit Hole

The month is March and Easter is among us

I haven’t actually played the popular game Among Us, but the little people in colorful spacesuits featured in the game sure are iconic. While those guys may not be the inspiration behind this lovely Astro-bunny LEGO build by Joffre Zheng, it certainly looks like a cute mashup to my little eye.

Astro Rabbit

This silly rabbit’s carrot-colored spacesuit is crafted out of orange bricks, slopes, tiles, cones, and cylinder pieces in various sizes. A trans-clear hinged half dome serves as the visor of the helmet, which protects the furry little critter from the space elements. Small light grey pieces such as cheese slopes, round-bottomed 2x2s, tiles, and bricks make up the face, whose eyes are rendered with the signature 1×1 round tiles featured in BrickHeadz sets. This bunny sure is ready for Easter and beyond!

Silly rabbit, Trix are for...no, actually, go ahead and take them...

It always seems cruel to me that the kids in those breakfast cereal commercials wouldn’t just share. Thanks to Moko they might not have a choice anymore: this fearsome Rabbit Mech isn’t about to take “no” for an answer. The white armor plating is a great mix of Technic, Bionicle, and Hero Factory elements. The claws are particularly cool – made from Bionicle minifigure heads and Ben-10 spikes.

Mega Rabbit

The mech is also has a lot of articulation, letting it bend into a more animalistic crouch. It looks even more sinister when it’s ready to pounce.

Mega Rabbit

There are a lot more images and build commentary for this mech at Moko’s blog. It’s in Japanese, though, so be ready to run it through a translator. Alternately, check out our archives for more Brothers Brick coverage of Moko’s creations.

Let’s run away with the circus!

Builder Ian Hoy turns our attention to the center ring with this beautifully built circus scene. Heed the carnival barker in his jaunty top hat as he calls to you — “Step right up folks and stare in awe and amazement at this action-packed quintuple of animal performers, each one with its own special talents on display! Hurry, hurry! Take a peek, you won’t be disappointed!”


Each of the animals in this scene could stand on its own, but the combination of all of them together makes for a truly marvelous show. If I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be the leaping tiger. Hou manages to imbue it with action, movement and just a touch of danger.


The scooter-riding bear is a close second with his whimsical expression. The dog as the carnival barker is a brilliant touch, and the magician’s rabbit also provide a nice dose of humor and expression. Taking center stage is everyone’s favorite big-eared elephant Dumbo, although Hou doesn’t reference him as such in his descriptions of the piece.


Every performer has a level of detail and building creativity that is a joy to look at up close and leaves me wanting to figure out how the builder did it all.


The setting of the scene is equally rich in detail, from the bejeweled stage lights to the speakers and rounded stage. The use of flags on the sides also adds to the festive atmosphere and the font on the word “circus” is particularly impressive and creative. I’m also particularly fond of the use of the backside of the pieces to create the curtained backdrop. Many builders go to great pains to not show the back, but Hou does a terrific job in this case and it all blends together perfectly. As an added bit of humor, in the corner behind the tiger there looks to be a crate full of food, including a cooked turkey, to make sure the performers are well fed and ready to play.

Luckily, the fun doesn’t stop with the front of the model! The back and outside are equally impressive, utilizing a second lettering style and a simple but effective representation of a circus tent.


Like any good traveling spectacular, at the end of the day the whole shebang can be folded up and moved on to the next city, ready to thrill audiences with the greatest show on earth!


Easter’s symbol of fertility

Whether you’re religious or not, Easter is a great time to recognize the breath of fresh air that is springtime. The flowers are blooming and baby animals are coming into the world. Rabbits, well known for their prolific ability to procreate, are the adorable mascots of the season. The candy-filled eggs (also a symbol of fertility) are a pretty cool bonus too. Although it doesn’t come with eggs, Felix Jaensch’s latest build sits amongst the best LEGO bunnies around. Most are sitting or standing, but laying down makes this one catch your eye. Realistic as always, it is more proof that he certainly has a keen eye for organic shapes!


If you can’t get enough builds for the occasion, this cartoon-ish bunny is full of character!

A ‘barrow full of Easter eggs

I’m not entirely sure how Easter is celebrated in other countries, but in the US it means the Easter Bunny is coming. This mysterious character, who secretly delivers and hides colorful eggs filled with candy, is the mascot of springtime. And while Easter is still a serious religious holiday for many people, it’s an excellent excuse to play and celebrate. Koen Zwanenburg’s rabbit (looking very much like the Nesquik bunny) is a fun tribute to the season! My favorite parts are the croissant eyebrows and cloud plate cheeks!

Easter Bunny

Koen says the eggs in the wheelbarrow are actually “easter eggs” of LEGO themes. Can you guess what they are?