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A fabulous Fabergé of LEGO

Clad in pearl gold and transparent purple LEGO bricks, this is quite the ornate ovum by builder Pistash. While both colors provide a limited palette of parts, they’re combined well here, appropriately forming the ovoid shape and proper filigree befitting the moniker “Fabergé.” All the crowns, leaves, and vines are held in place with a delicate network of flaxen bars and clips. But a secret lies beneath that golden lattice of elegance.

Fabergé egg

An army of frogs have assembled within the center of this regal keepsake. Who knows what grand designs they’re planning? And, believe it or not, this isn’t the first time we’ve featured Fabergé. Check out our archives to hatch some more great egg builds.

Fabergé egg

LEGO Creation of the Week (#19): What did the egg do when it saw the frying pan? It scrambled by Bricktacular Builds

Every week readers of the The Brothers Brick Telegram channel choose the Creation of the Week: one project that impressed all of us the most. Who knew that an ordinary egg could crush six stunning builds? Turns out, a genious LEGO design by Bricktacular Builds is exactly what our readers love!

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Can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time?

It can be quite challenging to take a real-world object and craft it out of LEGO. But that challenge becomes ever greater when said object is more natural than some clean, manufactured lines. For instance, check out the egg whites in this delicious construction by Bricktacular Builds. It employs quite the clever concoction of drippy clear bits to make this cracked pre-bird look perfect mid-fry-up. Contrast that goopy, eggy ooze with the sleek look of the hot plate underneath it, and this build is quite the super-realistic feast for the eyes! Don’t miss the subtle touches like the red hot plate logo and power cord in the background.

A thick’un of a chicken!

LEGO or not, nothing screams Easter like baby chicks and ovoid objects. Andreas Lenander smashes the two together to create an avian friend that’s an absolute unit! The sculpting of its yellow egg of a body is spot-on, deftly applying all kinds of curved slopes to emulate a tangle of feathers. Two comically small wings stick out to either side, tipped with leaf parts in orange. And I love the pop of feathers sticking out the top of the bird’s head. But most notably, I just can’t get over that derpy face that would feel right at home in the Angry Birds franchise. It’s a great use of one of my favorite parts for character creation: the white technic ball with an eye print. Happy Easter, everyone!

Happy easter...

Jewelled eggs for all occasions

Easter might be over, but fancy, colored eggs aren’t only for this holiday! Back in 2015, we featured Koen Zwanenburg’s original wedding-themed LEGO Fabergé Egg, but now he’s back with more. Named for the most famous creator of exquisitely handcrafted ceramic, gold, and jewel-encrusted eggs, these rare and precious gifts were made for Russian royalty. Each one has a hidden surprise inside, and today they’re worth millions of dollars. Inspired by the design, Koen has graced us with several of his own.

The Jewelled Egg Collection

Just like the real deal, they open to reveal a surprise. (All except for the one made with gold radar dishes because the unique design doesn’t allow for it to open.) One egg even opens vertically instead of horizontally! Also like the real thing, these each have a different theme and name. The one below, for example, is called The Sea Egg.

The Sea Egg

Koen (Swan Dutchman) isn’t the only one who makes LEGO Fabergé eggs. We featured a similar one by Marion Weintraut. But if you’d like to see more of Koen’s fabulous work, check out his opulent, lifesize King Tut mask or his collection of adorable animals that you can build too!

The Eggblaster 01 is one sunny-side-up mech

Sometimes a LEGO element can inspire a build, and that appears to be the case with the LEGO Eggblaster 01 by Marco De Bon. That oval windscreen led to an egg-shaped cockpit, which in turn led to this cute-and-stompy mech. The dark blue and red colors work well, with just the right pop of yellow from the caution striping. And check out the clever use of horse barding in those gun covers!

Lego Eggblaster 01

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A rare and luxurious treasure

To be honest, when I chose to write this, I had heard of Fabergé Eggs but knew nothing of their history. I quickly learned that these aren’t just a generic tradition of creating fancy eggs. They are incredibly rare — as in, the original “Imperial Eggs” are each one-of-a-kind and worth millions of dollars. Ironically, LEGO versions of the eggs, like this one built by Marion Weintraut, are possibly even more rare. Of course, not being worth millions could be due to the fact that they aren’t loaded with actual gold and precious stones. Still, this one-of-a-kind piece is indeed regal and elegant!

Fabergé Egg

There is something so royal and appealing about blue and gold! A couple of the real ones followed the same combo. Once upon a time, we discovered another LEGO Fabergé egg with a sweet story behind it. While totally different, it was just a pretty!

A bunny as sweet as his basket of colorful eggs

If you’ve ever wondered why Easter is associated with bunnies and eggs, you’re not alone! But like many things, it dates back hundreds of years. The legend of a bunny that lays colorful eggs started as a German children’s story that was eventually brought to the US in the 1700’s. Now these symbols of spring and fertility spark “Easter egg hunts” across the world. Today is the second most lucrative day of the year for candy-makers (after Halloween). I particularly like this LEGO tribute, built by Daniel Stoeffler, because the bunny is a little reminiscent of illustrations from old children’s books, like Peter Rabbit. Now, if you celebrate, don’t forget to leave a carrot out for him!

Easter Rabbit

Lifelike features in models are some of my favorite! Daniel says he had inspiration from another LEGO bunny, built by Felix Jaensch.

A ‘barrow full of Easter eggs

I’m not entirely sure how Easter is celebrated in other countries, but in the US it means the Easter Bunny is coming. This mysterious character, who secretly delivers and hides colorful eggs filled with candy, is the mascot of springtime. And while Easter is still a serious religious holiday for many people, it’s an excellent excuse to play and celebrate. Koen Zwanenburg’s rabbit (looking very much like the Nesquik bunny) is a fun tribute to the season! My favorite parts are the croissant eyebrows and cloud plate cheeks!

Easter Bunny

Koen says the eggs in the wheelbarrow are actually “easter eggs” of LEGO themes. Can you guess what they are?

A bunny with a special talent [Video]

Just in time for Easter, our friend Jason Allemann and his partner Krystal (JK Brickworks) have brought us another marvelous, moving creation! Festive candy seems to be a common theme in their builds lately. This one is an adorable bunny with a unique talent of pooping out chocolate eggs! They have used the new Boost robotics system again, and the design is incredibly simple. It’s so simple that young people could probably build something similar. That’s not to say it isn’t uniquely cute and clever all wrapped into one perfect, pooping package!

Egg Pooping Bunny

Watch the video of Winston hopping around