A ‘barrow full of Easter eggs

I’m not entirely sure how Easter is celebrated in other countries, but in the US it means the Easter Bunny is coming. This mysterious character, who secretly delivers and hides colorful eggs filled with candy, is the mascot of springtime. And while Easter is still a serious religious holiday for many people, it’s an excellent excuse to play and celebrate. Koen Zwanenburg’s rabbit (looking very much like the Nesquik bunny) is a fun tribute to the season! My favorite parts are the croissant eyebrows and cloud plate cheeks!

Easter Bunny

Koen says the eggs in the wheelbarrow are actually “easter eggs” of LEGO themes. Can you guess what they are?

2 comments on “A ‘barrow full of Easter eggs

  1. Håkan

    Hmmm, I venture a guess that the Violet-Light Green-Pink egg would represent Elves, and the Salmon-White-Teal egg Paradisa (although Paradisa rather used Light Pink and Bright Light Green colors at the time).

  2. Purple Dave

    Any three-color scheme for Elves would have to start with dark-blue, since that’s the base color of the box. That egg feels more like Friends, since medium-lavender is the base color for those boxes, and the other two colors are used extensively throughout the theme. But it’s complicated by the fact that each of the five girls has a color scheme, and they all seem to have changed over time. If you look at the new Heart Boxes, two of them don’t feature any of these colors, but earlier sets used all three of these colors extensively.

    The other small egg feels like it represents a specific set rather than an entire theme. That set is the Pop-Up Party Bus from TLM2, as these are three of the six major colors on the bus’ exterior, and that set is the only source of those eye-scalding coral pieces.

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