LEGO 40334 Marvel Studios Avengers Tower [Review]

We recently announced the Marvel Avengers Tower promotion that’s available as a free gift with purchase with a spend of $75 US | £75 UK | $75 CA that will be available for the next two weeks until May 2nd or whenever supplies run out. Let’s take a quick look at whats this 211-piece 40334 Marvel Studios Avengers Tower set holds for Iron Man fans.

The box, packaging, and instructions

The box stands vertically, which isn’t common for LEGO sets but is obvious to the nature of the build for this tower. The print on the box slightly differs from the current Avengers Marvel wave of sets in that it is decorated with a Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years logo as opposed to the vanilla Marvel: Avengers print.

The set comes in two bags with one instruction booklet.

The build

The first thing that’s built is a tiny Quinjet. It uses two space blasters as the wings and a bucket handle for the tail fins that makes an interesting micro build of a space jet.

The build of the tower starts off with the base using a colorful array of bricks on a round plate. It’s then sandwiched in between yet another plate. The tight and packed build for the base is likely as such to ensure a heavy foundation and not have the tower topple over.

The bottom of the building continues to be packed and decorated with 1×2 grilles for the surrounding facade.

The tower is built inside out, with the spine standing upright. Wedge plates are used to complete the sides of the building.

A separate module is built for the rooftop, and two printed tiles with the Avengers logo are placed on both sides.

The final part of the build is the sloped roof and the addition of the Quinjet in flight.

The build is completed with a minifigure of Tony Stark at the base of the build.

The minifigure

Tony Stark sports a damaged torso, exposing his Iron Man suit underneath.

The back of the torso is a continuation of the front, featuring the damage, while his feet are unprinted. It looks like he’s partially transformed into Iron Man with his right arm in red.

Once the hairpiece is removed, Tony can don the helmet.

He has an alternate face print which has the blue control panel lighting and works well when he has his helmet on.


Typical gifts with purchase from LEGO tends to be in smaller piece count or box size. This Avengers Tower comes with a box size and element count that could effectively be a retail set that’s sold separately. As with most Super Heroes sets, the sets are typically figbaits, and this one does not disappoint with a unique Iron Man minifigure that needs to be in every collector’s shelf. The build itself is pretty impressive and packs a large number of bricks and a decent representation of the tower and one to certainly have in your collection.


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