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Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven

I love unusual subject matter for LEGO builds, and Maxx Davidson has picked a great one – a vintage oven! The four-burner gas-powered beauty is instantly recognizable, with great use of curved slopes and SNOT building to evoke memories of Grandma’s kitchen.

Vintage Oven

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Flayed mind with a side of rice pilaf

When it comes to roast owlbear in goodberry sauce or poached cockatrice eggs, this LEGO illithid cuisinier by mkjosha knows all the recipes! There are some excellent details in this build: the garlands of herbs and bulbs hung on the wall, the captured fairies about to be fricasseed, and the caged rat hoping to escape the fate of the oven. The mind flayer has some great shaping, with extensive use of tendril parts around the mouth, some excellent grasping claws gripping a salt shaker, and those big-like yellow eyes made from lever bottoms. One can only imagine the horrors it’s concocted with its infamous Demonomicon Cookbook! But by far, my favorite part of this build is the chipped stone bits on the walls. Using just a few tiles, Josh is able to create a repeatable dungeon-esque pattern that somehow feels a little Martha Stewart.

Chef M'nd Fl'yer

A good crust makes the pie

As any baker knows, a good pie starts with the crust. Now, what a good crust is can be debated, but the creator of this culinary confection definitely did something right. Aside from the masterful latticework overlayed on the filling of translucent reds, builder Timofey Tkachev kneaded out a crispy crust of baguettes. This nice parts usage was made possible by wedging the baguettes onto flags built into the structure of the filling. A little friction helped place the rest, achieving a nicely textured outer edge to the pie.


Keyed into culinary display techniques, Timofey gave us wonderful details like sprigs of herbs, a dragon wing as filling oozing out onto the table, and stray bits of the crust where the slice of pie was cut.


If this has your mouth watering, check out some of the other desserts hanging out in the bakery. Just remember that, like the food in commercials, brick-built food is strictly inedible.

Too many cooks in the kitchen...

LEGO photography is an art in and of itself, as demonstrated by brickexplorer’s images shared on Instagram. This particular scene is cute and funny thanks to well-executed visual storytelling. It’s a tale of the guy who thinks he can cook but is so distracted by his pets that he sets his food on fire. Meanwhile, Brickexplorer’s failed little chef is oblivious to the woman shouting at him from behind. If the fish flopping around near the dishwasher is any indication, this guy is about as good at taking care of his pets as he is making dinner.

Everything about this scene is lively and fun to look at, thanks to the builder’s use of color and lighting. The way the sun shines brightly through the window reminds me of a morning sunrise. And editing the image to include smoke makes this scene all the more believable.

Cooking up a storm

The Italian LEGO Users Group (ItLUG) recently held a kitchen-themed building contest, the prize for which was (appropriately) a copy of the Parisian Restaurant set. The contest had various rules, including one that each entry had to occupy no more than a 16 x 16 stud footprint.

Although not the ultimate winner, my personal favorite was Bye Bye Potato by Devid VII:

But victory went to Fabio Maiorana for this darkly humorous (and possibly rule-bending!) vignette entitled L’Apparenza Inganna (“Appearances Can Be Deceptive”):