Cooking up a storm

The Italian LEGO Users Group (ItLUG) recently held a kitchen-themed building contest, the prize for which was (appropriately) a copy of the Parisian Restaurant set. The contest had various rules, including one that each entry had to occupy no more than a 16 x 16 stud footprint.

Although not the ultimate winner, my personal favorite was Bye Bye Potato by Devid VII:

But victory went to Fabio Maiorana for this darkly humorous (and possibly rule-bending!) vignette entitled L’Apparenza Inganna (“Appearances Can Be Deceptive”):

2 comments on “Cooking up a storm

  1. Laz75

    No rules were bent during this contest, don’t worry! Our rules didn’t forbid this… actually, it was a very clever idea, I loved it!

    Personally I voted for BOTH vignettes, so I’m very happy with the result!

  2. Nicholas

    Leave it up to the ITALIANS! Always thinking of food! After all we are the best chefs in the world and scientific studies show the ITALIANS and CHINESE eat the healthiest food in the world! Loved the sense of humor – the ketchup bottle killing the french fries (from MacDonalds?) And them bleeding in ketchup! the look he captured on their faces with a few bricks is sheer genius! which only shows you do not need a ton of bricks to tell your story. The second one posted had shades of SWEENEY TODD!

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