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Flayed mind with a side of rice pilaf

When it comes to roast owlbear in goodberry sauce or poached cockatrice eggs, this LEGO illithid cuisinier by mkjosha knows all the recipes! There are some excellent details in this build: the garlands of herbs and bulbs hung on the wall, the captured fairies about to be fricasseed, and the caged rat hoping to escape the fate of the oven. The mind flayer has some great shaping, with extensive use of tendril parts around the mouth, some excellent grasping claws gripping a salt shaker, and those big-like yellow eyes made from lever bottoms. One can only imagine the horrors it’s concocted with its infamous Demonomicon Cookbook! But by far, my favorite part of this build is the chipped stone bits on the walls. Using just a few tiles, Josh is able to create a repeatable dungeon-esque pattern that somehow feels a little Martha Stewart.

Chef M'nd Fl'yer