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This booty be hoppin’!

Seeing this LEGO creation by EMazingbrix reminded me of the adage that you can’t take it with you. I mean, life can certainly hand you some very delicious lemons but it all has to go somewhere after you’ve crossed the rainbow bridge. Take this pirate captain, for example; he was so darned close to his treasure! I’m no medical expert but I also get the hunch he’s very much expired, thus leaving that luscious booty out in front of God and everybody for someone else to pillage and plunder. Plus, EMazing (can I call you Emazing?) has used twelve frogs in accordance with a build challenge over at Iron Forge, which makes it extra hoppin’. If you’ll excuse me, I need to fetch a youngster in TBB’s IT department to help me set up a TikTok account so I can see all this hoppin’ booty I’ve heard so much about.

The Captain's Treasure

A lil’ dozer for those tiny LEGO construction jobs

As an avid fan of LEGO microscale, I adore this Lilliputian Liebherr by builder EMazingBrix. As we’ve seen with other models made for the ongoing Iron Forge competition, this scene utilizes so many cups and vessels in its makeup. A series of yellow mugs comprise the dozer’s wheels, from front idler to sprocket. An upside-down goblet forms the earthmover’s exhaust, and a pair of teacups form hardhats for the compact construction workers. And with so many atypical (and highly illegal) connections between parts, this scene bears all the hallmarks of inventive microscale.

Demolition Job

There’s some tasty parts at work in this cute culinary scene

Years of LEGO trophy construction has left me with quite the hunger for builds with big detail and small square footage. And this doozy by EMazingbrix is a meal unto itself! Specifically utilizing the 1×1 plate with three leaves piece, this design puts it to work as a drumstick, a pile of cheese, and some drawer handles. But there’s a lot more great parts usage here besides that! Check out the super simple solution for salt and pepper shakers in the upper left corner. And I bet you can’t handle this handle made from the hammer on this wheel of tools.

The Kitchen

But the real design win here (and the reason I knew immediately I was going to write about this build) is the LEGO black magic EMazingbrix uses to get the leafy drawer handles to stick in place. Passing the leaves through a groove in the 1×2 grille tile requires that the grille isn’t attached to any studs from behind. As there’s no other standard way to affix the part to the rest of the build, a 1×1 clip is employed behind the scenes. It holds the grille to the tile next to it while not interfering in the rest of the design. As evidence, you can see one finger of each clip through the grille parts. Truly spectacular!

Cut through the competition at Cutlass Cove

A LEGO builder with the clever name of EMazingbrix has created a little diorama using six Minifig swords. Now, this is a conundrum because, for the life of me, I can only spot five. I see three trees, the serrated ridge to the far right, and the little boat sail. I’m still stumped on the sixth. There’s probably a passage in a survival manual somewhere stating that not spotting a weapon in plain sight is counterproductive in terms of longevity. Still, I’m flummoxed. OK, EMazingbrix, I give up. Where’s the sixth…(Schick!)…oooooh!

Cutlass Cove

A cool new ship for an old, icy theme

Back in the mid-90s, LEGO gave its Space theme a cool refresh with Ice Planet 2002. Now, EMazingbrix invites us back to the frozen planet of Krysto with this Frostbite Fighter. Full of clever curves and amazing angles, this sleek craft is a big upgrade to Commander Cold’s usual fleet of vehicles. The Ice Planet theme’s color scheme has been strictly adhered to, but there are plenty of parts and technique being used that weren’t available in the original line. The most incredible upgrade, from the explorer’s perspective, has got to be the fully sealed cockpit. That was a real rarity in the line back in the 90s. But I bet that inside of this pilot compartment is warm and toasty.

Frostbite Fighter - Ice Planet 2002

A car repair shop that has all the right parts

While this section of downtown by EMazingbrix has definitely seen better days, it certainly can’t have seen better LEGO part usage! I’m absolutely in love with the front door of that apartment building, utilizing a 1×1 bracket for a hinge plate, and a white rubber band to frame the window. The steps leading down from the door are fantastic, as are all the textures on the buildings walls and roof. And the blotches of moss along the sidewalk and structures provide an excellent run-down feel. But my favorite bit of this build has got to be the roof of the repair shop, with its latticed slopes poking out the top. The shop sports a clean finish compared to its neighbor thanks to some superb use of sloped bricks laid on their sides.

Slice of Life: Car Repair Shop and Apartments