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Protect Naboo with a microscale Naboo Starfighter [Instructions]

Naboo is an idyllic world close to the border of the Outer Rim Territories in the fictional Star Wars world.  It is a peaceful place inhabited by humans, called the Naboo, and an indigenous amphibian species called the Gungans. Protecting their home is essential, and the Naboo Starfighter is the sleek craft that patrols the sky and space above Naboo. Thanks to these instructions by Justin Chua, you can build your own microscale Naboo Starfighter, resplendent  in its classic yellow and grey colours.

The Naboo Starfighter with instructions!
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Flying this ship is as easy as Aurek, Besh, Cresh

Aurebesh is the writing system in Star Wars used to transcribe Galactic Basic, one of the most used languages in the galaxy. It first appeared in the 1983 movie Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, but it was expanded into an alphabet by Stephen Crane of West End Games for gamers to use when playing Star Wars video games. Jake RF has created a starfighter that resembles the letter Enth (shaped like a backwards E and pronounced /Æ/) in the Aurebesh alphabet. There’s a lot of nice textures going on here, and the colour scheme works well to make this a believable Star Wars ship.

Enth-Wing StarfighterJake RF shared some work-in-progress views and the original concept artwork.  It’s not often we are able to get insights into the design process of a model and it is interesting to see.

Enth Fighter Design Process

Classic Space Supra-light Starfighter

If like me, Jonathan Samson, you were a child of the 80’s, chances are higher than a snowflake in the White House that you’ll remember LEGO Classic Space. As long as I can remember I have always wanted my own Classic Space Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP – allow me to present the Fruit Bat.

Fruit Bat

Affectionately named for the Megabat family Pteropodidae  due in part to its stunning manoeuvrability at high-speeds, but mostly because the pilot is a lotta bit nuts.

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What does the millennium fox say?

With the release of the new Star Wars 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon it seems like everyone just lost their minds and interstellar space is now cluttered up with countless falcons. Miro Dudas makes a good point: why falcons and not a fox? Fox makes just as much sense as a falcon in intergalactic travel! So, why would you fly a piece of garbage when you can choose this fluffy orange beast?

Millennium Fox

Become an Imperial engineer and build your own TIE Fighter [Instructions]

The ‘twin ion engines’ in a  TIE fighter help to make these little starfighters fast, agile and perfectly suited for a dog-fight in a narrow trench. Every Star Wars fan surely needs at least one sitting on their desk? Thanks to instructions provided by Inthert, you can build his LEGO version of this iconic starfighter and take on the nearest X-wing.

Sienar Fleet Systems: TIE Fighter: V2 (1)

There are three pages of instructions provided. Page one provides the steps for building the solar array wings…

TIE Fighter Instructions (page 1)

Page two completes the wings and provides instructions to start the spherical central cockpit area…

TIE Fighter Instructions (page 2)

Finally, page three completes the cockpit and shows how to put everything together…

TIE Fighter Instructions (page 3)

Thanks to Inthert for taking the time to make instructions as his TIE-fighter looks to be a fun build.

Blue & green, small but mean, she’ll shoot you down right to Georgetown

Generally, in life, bigger is usually better. However, that is not the case with this neat little starfighter by TOKYO TAG TEAM. The build is a wonderful blend of colors, shapes, and angles compacted into a very small package, but for me, it’s the stickers that really set the build apart — I dig the little symbols plastered over different parts of the fighter. In particular, the use of the long blue stickers on the windscreen were an excellent design choice. Without them, the windscreen would likely feel very bland.

Berry Blue Banshee

After close inspection, I am only left wondering how the pilot steers the craft. Neuro-controlled maybe? That’s probably it.

A lurid red flash in the skies

Marcin Grabowski is at his best designing aggressive-looking LEGO starfighters. This vertically oriented vibrant beauty has the distinct shape of a wasp and is also loaded with a ton of formidable weapons. It’s hard not to fall for the brilliant choice and distribution of stickers across the fighter’s body — the fonts, the numbers, and even some tiny warning signs, all work well in highlighting the ship’s edgy frame.

NAGA class light starfighter

Thales Orbital Defence Orcinus Class PAD Gunboat

Immersed in and inspired by a broad range of innovative source materials in sci-fi — from novels and short stories to TV and video games — builders of LEGO space creations have no boundaries to their creativity. Tromas proves this by not only building a chunky, believable starfighter but also giving it a chunky, believable name with a chunky, believable backstory. This gunboat sports a massive quad cannon toward the rear, with lovely orange stripes on a white hull. The reclined cockpit configuration has a viewport built from a transparent hexagonal wing piece integrated among wedge plates. But what really draws the eye are all the little technical details around the edge — not your usual gray greebles, but hyper-realistic black and gold thrust nozzles, white sensor arrays, spots of sand green, and more.

Thales Orbital Defence Orcinus Class PAD Gunboat

The rear includes no less detail, with primary engines that match the color scheme of the small directional nozzles.

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Mid-scale LEGO U-wing & Blue Squadron X-wing from Rogue One

The UT-60D U-wing gunship revealed in Rogue One (out digitally today and on disc next Tuesday) has inspired numerous LEGO models, from the official 75155 U-wing Fighter set to fan-made creations like the UCS U-wing by Mirko Soppelsa. Adding to his fleet of smaller-scale LEGO Star Wars vehicles, Tim Goddard has built a fantastically detailed U-wing, accompanied by a pair of updated X-wings representing Blue Squadron and Red Squadron.


Like the short-lived 7778 Midi-Scale Millennium Falcon, this scale gives Tim enough pieces to achieve lots of interesting detail (I love the gray section and those blue stripes on the sides of the U-wing) without a huge investment in parts. Naturally, Tim has built fully functional swing-wings for his U-wing.

UWing open

Battle above unknown worlds in a vertical starfighter

Nick Trotta’s series of detailed and unusually shaped starfighters continues with a vertical fighter named Volkite. The verticality combined with excellent color blocking and smooth transitions between sections of the craft make an eye-catching model.


On his YouTube, Nick shows a couple videos about Volkite. The video below shows how each chunk of the starfighter fits together (about 18 minutes long). It is a fascinating watch as you can see how the smooth transitions between components are achieved.

If you want to fly far, fly alone

Dart Flyby by Jeremy Williams is a dream spaceship. It has neither huge laser barrels, nor a spacious cargo section, nor an annoying astromech. The best thing about this ship is that it has only one seat. Only you, a massive ion engine behind your back and the endless beauty of the universe before your eyes. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Dart Flyby

Jeremy’s Neo-Classic Space fighters are way too good to choose just one, so you’d better check out his photostream and enjoy each of his builds.

Rebel commandos board a UT-60D U-wing gunship for Scarif

As I mentioned in my review of the LEGO Star Wars 75155 Rebel U-wing Fighter set released ahead of Rogue One, I wasn’t a big fan of the new vehicle until I saw it in action in the movie. But seeing it dropping Rebel commandos onto the beaches of Scarif and provide close air support like a UH-1 “Huey” helicopter gunship during Vietnam certainly changed my perspective on the ungainly looking Rebel vehicle. Joshua Brooks has created an excellent custom version of the U-wing, and set it against the weathered walls of a hangar inside a Massassi temple on Yavin IV.

UT-60D U-Wing on Yavin 4

As a team of Rebel commandos boards the U-wing, Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor head for the stolen Imperial cargo shuttle.

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