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In space, no one can hear you “swoosh.”

Over the past few years, Rob Damiano has been building up a believable world around his Classic Space-inspired Nova Team. We have featured his work before and were pleasantly surprised to see this lovely Nova Team star-fighter. In a nod to the Classic Space ship numbering system, Rob named his star-fighter the LL-824 Paladin, and it is clad in the iconic blue, gray and trans yellow colors. It looks incredibly fun and swooshable. However, what really makes Rob’s work stand out is his photography, which utilizes a mix of practical effects and digital editing. While the Paladin is great, the setting and lighting help bring it life. It is reminiscent of the lively scenes found in LEGO product catalogs of the 1980s and 1990s, which also happen to be one of Rob’s sources of inspiration.

Twilight Run in the Paladin

LEGO Star Wars 75218 X-wing Starfighter – the return of the classic Incom T-65 [Review]

Despite — or perhaps because of — the release of two different T-70 X-wings produced in support of The Force Awakens in late 2015 and mid-2016, it’s been over six years since LEGO has released a version of the iconic T-65 starfighter featured in the Classic Trilogy. With the release of 75218 X-wing Starfighter on August 1st, the most recognizable Rebel fighter in the Star Wars universe becomes available to a new generation of LEGO builders. The latest X-wing includes 731 pieces and four minifigs and will retail for $79.99 in the US (CDN 99.99 | GBP 89.99).

How does this latest LEGO X-wing stack up against the previous X-wings released over the years?

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This titan’s lookin’ tight in red and white

The use of repetitive shapes and colors can work wonders in a LEGO model — case in point, this awesome starfighter by Andreas Lenander. The various wings and nacelles all share similar shapes and outlines with red and white plates, giving the starfighter a wonderfully cohesive look. Andreas has made great use of the new X-Wing canopy, and a black cauldron on the engine of the ship.

SFC - Titan

That’s no crescent moon

A blend of agility and speed unmatched across the Twelve Worlds — well, at least that’s what Jeremy Williams says of his latest LEGO starfighter: the Xylian Interceptor. The overall shaping of this spaceship is wonderful, and the crystal-clear photography allows you to appreciate all the building techniques that went into it — don’t miss the complex arrangement of hinges, slopes, and curves that form the tips of the crescent body. I love the way the cockpit spheres are clamped in place, managing to look both realistic and futuristic at the same time. Jeremy’s trademark greeble skills are on display all over this model, particularly in the junction between cockpit and crescent, and the engine housing. Put a well-built model together with a strikingly simply colour scheme and smart presentation, and you’ve got a great little LEGO sci-fi creation.

Space Interceptor

Ryder’s U-Wing from Star Wars Rebels built with LEGO

One of the things I enjoyed about the last season of Star Wars Rebels was the incorporation of the new canon material introduced in Star Wars: Rogue One, with mentions of Director Krennic, appearances by the Death Troopers, and Ryder’s U-Wing, constructed here in LEGO form. Inthert has done an excellent job depicting the beat up, minimalistic, utilitarian look Ryder’s U-Wing was known for.

Ryder's U-wing (1)

A top-down shot allows us to see the greebling on the interior of the front nacelles, giving the ship an exposed look similar to that of the Y-Wing. Close inspection reveals the neat usage of minifigure walkie-talkie elements and old vehicle exhaust pieces as hoses of some sort.

Ryder's U-wing (Top View)

It’s a K-wing... It’s a Y-wing... It’s a Y-18R Ragnarok Starfighter!

SweStar‘s latest starfighter is so sweet and cool, I don’t not what should I start with — an outstanding cockpit design or amazing textural detailing of the rear part of the ship; it’s just yet another example of the design so perfect, it’s hard to find a single thing to criticise the creation for. The build’s color scheme gives some very nice retro vibes, and I can’t help mentioning the Retro Spaceman as seen in the Series 17 of the Collectible Minifigures. I would love to see this guys piloting the spaceship!

Y-18R Ragnarok Starfighter

And it would be a crime not to share one more picture of the starfighter showing its very cool shape.

Y-18R Ragnarok Starfighter 002

Build your own microscale LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship, complete with decals [Instructions]

I was never satisfied with LEGO’s attempt at a microscale Republic Gunship (also known as an LAAT) from the 2013 advent calendar, as it lacked the signature long engines, unless that’s what the binocular piece is supposed to represent. So a few days ago, since I’m working on a larger Star Wars microscale build, I thought I would try my hand at a micro LAAT, then a day later, I ended up with these two. Although I wasn’t worried about part count, these use only 19 pieces each, just five more than LEGO’s version.

Micro Republic Gunship (Video instructions on Youtube)

Check out the video instructions below — there are picture versions, and a video that goes a bit more in depth on how to build this cute little model. I have also included a link to download the decal sheet I made, so you can print it out yourself as well.

Click here to see the instructions!

LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series 75181 Y-wing Starfighter [Review]

Each year, LEGO releases at least one new LEGO Star Wars set in its long-running Ultimate Collector Series line of large-scale sets. Last year saw the release of the monumental 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon (the largest LEGO set ever released at 7,541 pieces) as well as the excellent 75144 UCS Snowspeeder. This year’s UCS release is 75181 Y-wing Starfighter, built from 1,967 pieces, retailing for $199.99 starting on May the Fourth or “Star Wars Day” 2018.

Of course, this is not the first UCS Y-wing that LEGO has released — 10134 Y-wing Attack Starfighter was released fourteen years ago, way back in 2004. We’ll take a closer look at how this latest UCS Y-wing stacks up against the first one in our hands-on review.

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Classic Space gets a facelift

The classic space theme is always near and dear to my heart, as my very first LEGO set with a minifig was 487 Space Cruiser. There have been many LEGO creations paying tribute to this theme, from scaled up versions of classic sets to microscale. This long-range scout ship by Alec Hole represents a significant reboot.

LL 228 Long Range Scout – three-quarters view.jpg

The classic division of light gray wing/underside and blue fuselage pays homage to the theme while prolific greebling and other details throughout the model give it a very modern feel. There are a number of elements from the classic sets used here to connect this modern vessel to its historic roots, from the overall blue and gray color scheme to the little “bumblebee” stripes.

LL 228 Long Range Scout - underside view

Enforcing the law in a single-seat escort starfighter

Details are one thing, but Jeremy Williams takes it to astronomical levels with the Krait Single-Seat Escort. There are so many intense details all around that it’s hard for me to even recognize the pieces or techniques used. It is not just about the intensity, colours help too. We’re so used to seeing gray textures on mecha and spaceships that even black, let alone blue versions of it come out as a total surprise.

I shouldn’t just emphasize the textures and details though, even if they are the build’s highlight. The colour blocking is excellent and the shape of the spacecraft is believably blocky with no redundancy. A genius addition is the microscale space station in the background, which is a solid build in its own right. The post-production on the picture is very attractive too, making it look almost like box art for an official LEGO set.

Patrol the Martian safety perimeter aboard the Mercury-class interceptor

Polish builder Marcin Grabowski is no stranger to large spacecraft. We featured his DragonFLY-class dropship last year, and he’s recently completed this wonderfully angular starfighter set against the planet Mars. The heavily armed, predominantly white fighter fighter is complemented by technical components in shades of gray. The lines of yellow make the vehicle look like a racing ship, and I love it.

Mercury class interceptor - space

You can see the top and rear of the spacecraft better in this multi-angle collage.

Mercury class Interceptor - details

Protect Naboo with a microscale Naboo Starfighter [Instructions]

Naboo is an idyllic world close to the border of the Outer Rim Territories in the fictional Star Wars world.  It is a peaceful place inhabited by humans, called the Naboo, and an indigenous amphibian species called the Gungans. Protecting their home is essential, and the Naboo Starfighter is the sleek craft that patrols the sky and space above Naboo. Thanks to these instructions by Justin Chua, you can build your own microscale Naboo Starfighter, resplendent  in its classic yellow and grey colours.

The Naboo Starfighter with instructions!
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