This screen-accurate LEGO Star Wars X-wing stays on target

Creating a screen-accurate minifig-scale LEGO X-wing isn’t as easy as bulls-eyeing womp rats in your T-16 back home. Builder Joel Short takes his best shot at getting everything right—and it looks like that particular proton torpedo hits home. The long, tapered fuselage is notoriously tricky to capture (you could argue that many of LEGO’s official models have struggled to hit the mark) but Joel nails the angles.

Red 5

Here’s a side view, where you can see the wealth of tiny pieces used to shape the fuselage. You can also make out a few more instances where attention to detail went above and beyond, like the intricacy of the landing gear or the shoulder armor on the laser cannons.

Landing Gear

Stepping inside for a moment, here’s the cockpit detailing, including a seat and the control knob.


This rear view (AKA the view from the cockpit of the TIE coming up on your tail) reveals the rich greebling on the model’s back and top, which includes the gear that raises and lowers the S-foils. All in all, it looks like Red Five is standing by in style.

Red 5

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