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“Luke, you switched off your Power Functions! What’s wrong?”

LEGO Star Wars did have a brief flirtation with the Technic brand at its inception, but while we’ve seen everything from supercars to Unimogs in Technic since, we haven’t seen even a single starfighter. Rather a shame, don’t you think? Thankfully Dyens Creations is on hand to fill that hole. This X-wing is an impressive model in and of itself. But where can you find the parts to build one? Why, they all come from 42145 Airbus H175 Rescue Helicopter! That added parts limitation really makes this model impressive. And being a Technic creation, it naturally comes with some motorised functionality: the wings fold, the landing gear retracts, the canopy opens and the targeting computer can be adjusted. Most impressive.


Alternate builds are an art unto themselves – so why not see what else people have turned their LEGO sets into in our alternate builds archives?

LEGO reveals next UCS set: 75355 Ultimate Collector Series X-wing Starfighter [News]

Today LEGO has taken the wraps off the latest Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) set, returning to its roots with 75355 X-wing Starfighter. This set marks the third iteration of the X-wing as a UCS set, with an X-wing being one of the original two UCS sets, and the most recent version having been discontinued in 2015. The new set takes advantage of more recently released elements (including at least one previously unseen) to give more details to the starfighter model. It’s also the largest version with 1,949 pieces. The set includes Luke and R2-D2 minifigures. It will be available starting May 1 for US $239.99 | CAN $319.99 | UK £209.99.

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A boxy X-Wing precursor from a bygone age

If you’ve ever wondered what starfighters looked like in the days before “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” Alex Simion imagines one possibility with the non-canonical X1 Freedom Rebel Fighter. I love the rugged texture of this ship, trading in the typical sleekness of Star Wars fighters for something a bit more utilitarian. All the sharp corners and exposed mechanical panels definitely add to the implied age of the craft, and it feels reminiscent of the Millennium Falcon as a result. And check out those massive blasters on the front! I’d hate to be in front of this thing while over Alderaan.


And here’s a view of the back. I love all the mechanical texturing around the six engines. I can only imagine how fast this fella could go! This angle also highlights one of my favorite bits in the build: the pair of red friction cylinders on top of the craft. I love the pop of color amid so much gray and black, drawing the eye in to all the details surrounding them. And the technical connection to the two pairs of wings feels appropriate given all the other mechanisms on display. But where does the astromech droid go?


T-70 X-Wing in LEGO

The marriage of Star Wars and LEGO has made them so intrinsically connected that making your own version of the iconic X-wing starfighter can be a crowning achievement for some builders. Or maybe more like a litmus test for your building skills? Either way, Builder Jerac clearly understood the assignment while working on his 1250+ piece version of the T-70, first revealed in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It may have taken him 22 tries to get it exactly right, but I’m sure Poe would be proud to fly this beauty.

T-70 X-wing

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An X-wing of a different scale

How many different ways can you build a LEGO X-wing? It’s one of the most iconic ships for Star Wars, and builders have been trying their hand at it over and over, and some of these LEGO X-wings are quite spectacular. But most of them are minifigure scale, so what if you tried a different scale? That’s what Pascal has done, with this slightly smaller and lightly chibi-ized version. He first built it back in 2016, but recently returned to update it a bit, and the result is just lovely. Rather than being the perfect scale model of an X-wing, it looks like a perfect recreation of a toy X-wing, the sort of thing I’d have spent hours swooshing about as a kid making “pew-pew” noises.

X-Wing v2

Fight for Rebels piloting this outstanding X-wing as big as the largest LEGO sets

A quick scan through Jared Reisweber‘s collection of custom builds makes it clear: you build big or you go home. Jared is at his best when managing large-scale vehicles and spaceships. For me, it was out of question whether Jared would build an X-wing; it was all about when he would finally design one. Now, here comes one of the most impressive brick-built Star Wars fighters consisting of mind-blowing 7,349 pieces.

T65 X-Wing

This X-wing is 600 pieces bigger than the recent Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series 75313 AT-AT, and all these pieces result in striking details. Thanks to the sheer scale of the model, Jared uses multi-layers combinations of plates for a genuinely realistic design.

T65 X-Wing

The build measures 33.3″ x 36.9″ (roughly 80 by 90 cm). With adjustable wings, such a centerpiece could easily outmatch even the most giant LEGO Star Wars spaceships, like 75252 Ultimate Collector Series Imperial Star Destroyer. But which scale would you prefer for your Star Wars collection?

This incredible LEGO Star Wars build shows the temple on Yavin 4 after the war

The great temple on Yavin-4 was a Rebel Alliance headquarters early in their fight against the Empire. It even served as the main staging base for the assault on the original Death Star. But, once that massive space station was destroyed, the Rebels were forced to evacuate Yavin-4 and establish bases elsewhere in the galaxy. So, what happens to a rebel base after a hasty retreat? Markus Aspacher spent a year constructing an answer in LEGO for us.

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The perfect combination of Star Wars and Gundam

This stunning model was created by Grammaticul with incredible renders by Tong Xin Jun. The build features elements of a classic X-Wing fighter incorporated into a Gundam mech. The red head crest is actually built to simulate the Rebellion symbol with a kunai piece creating the pointed centre. The X-Wing cockpit is embedded within the mech’s torso and features all main colours of a typical Gundam design. In this first image, there is also the nice touch of a snake piece representing smoke ascending from the barrel of the gun.

Gundam WING X-0 (X-Wing Gundam)

The wings and boosters are splayed out on the back of the model with vibrant pink engine details. Ninja daggers represent the tips of the laser guns which extend from the main wing segments.

Gundam WING X-0 (X-Wing Gundam)

With all that weight, it is no wonder that the model would need a stand. Perhaps we will see this build face off against a TIE fighter combined with a Zaku in the future. The intricate details of the model provide it with a slender and elegant style while having recognizable features of both an X-Wing and a Gundam.

Gundam WING X-0 (X-Wing Gundam)

This Star Wars X-Wing gets by with a little help from its friends

LEGO builder Tom Loftus had a mission that was almost as exciting as destroying the Death Star. That mission was to build a compact design T-65 X-Wing Fighter with engines that were three studs wide. A LEGO X-Wing is nothing new, but I think the look of the iconic ship was achieved nicely here. What sets it apart from some of the scores of X-Wings we’ve already seen is the use of sand blue for the canopy, which is pretty vital for that ship but alas is a difficult color to obtain in quantity or various shapes.

T-65 X-Wing: Red 5 (1)

While iconic, building the X-Wing accurately is no easy feat but Tom does a great job of it as evidenced by these many views.

T-65 X-Wing: Red 5 (5)

Tom is one of those builders that seek help and advice from his friends then uses it accordingly. In his write up he names and thanks a slew of friends who had helped out which is a class act, in my opinion. It makes sense because while Luke ultimately destroyed the Death Star, it was really a team effort and everyone got awarded for it at the end of the movie, except Chewbacca. hey, wait a minute! Doesn’t Chewie deserve some love? While you’re mulling that over, check out the other times we gave Tom Loftus some well-deserved love.

Mum says it’s my turn to fly the X-wing!

It seems that Star Wars is experiencing a baby fever. We’ve had enough of surprise fathers, sisters, and *tries not to throw up* grandfathers, so I welcome the new and unexpected. Recently a certain cute green gremlin took pop-culture by storm, and replaced Minions as the default for Facebook mom memes. It’s 2021 and I still see the words “chiccy nuggies” and “choccy milk” in the same sentence. But whatever, babies are cute. Andreas Lenander has caught the bug and built a babyfied X-wing and some baby rebels.

Baby X-wing pilots on Yavin IV

All jokes aside, I really like this babyfied idea for being a new unique take on Star Wars. Just a few weeks ago I wrote about a small build by my friend Ross, where baby Greedo confronts baby Han over a bottle of blue milk. And Andreas’s build is really well done. The walls of the Yavin base offer plenty of variety in detail to keep it from becoming bland and boring. Andreas keeps the X-wing as accurate to the source material as he can, despite the small size. It’s a really difficult ship to get right, even in larger sizes. So big applause to Andreas, he won me over with this build, and not because of the babies.

Caught the baby fever? There are some more baby creations to see…
Or had enough of babies? Check out Andreas’s other builds that we’ve featured. No babies in those, I promise!

The T-70 X-wing of Poe Dameron’s dreams

There is always one LEGO creation where it’s “love at first sight.” You never expect that build to leave you breathless, but when it does, it does. This UCS-scale T-70 X-wing by Jared Reisweber is the one that stole my heart. Instantly recognisable from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, this massive model is the most accurate representation of Poe Dameron’s starfighter that I’ve seen so far. It helps that this build is larger than it appears, capturing even the tiniest, most intricate details, and replicating the complex shapes and curves, which even the best of builders struggle to get accurate. Sometimes all it takes to build the perfect X-wing is to go big or go home.

T-70 X-Wing 1

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New LEGO Star Wars revealed including the Imperial Shuttle, AT-AT vs Tauntaun Microfighter and a Resistance X-Wing [News]

A new wave of LEGO Star Wars has been revealed by LEGO Shop today.  We had a sneak peek at some of these sets late last year and now we get to take a closer look at the box art and more details of the minifigures. We’ve seen the four other sets that are now on sale making the new wave of LEGO Star Wars line up with a total of 7 sets. The new sets will be available for purchase on March 1st 2021.

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