These Star Wars/WWII mashups are just plane awesome

It’s no secret that George Lucas looked to World War II-era dogfights for inspiration when envisioning the space battles of Star Wars, so a mashup of the two in LEGO form simply makes sense. Here, simplethinker elegantly blends the celebrated North American P-51D Mustang with Star Wars‘s X- and E-wings, with pleasing results. The two ships (fittingly nicknamed “Rebel Scum” and “Laser Bait”) look ready to duel German fighter planes or Imperial TIEs, whichever they happen to run across—a testament to both Lucas’s original vision and the skill with which they were executed in brick form.

E-51 to X-51 comparison

1 comment on “These Star Wars/WWII mashups are just plane awesome

  1. MagnusK

    I’m not a SW fan, but I’ve always wondered why Star Wars universe has never advanced to the concept of thrust vectoring… Imagine pulling a “break” in space, and no more chase, but the one chased is the chaser, if not just chasing a shadow at speeds incomprehensible for us in atmosphere. A weird dogfight in advanced universe.

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