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LEGO Avatar 75578: Mako Submarine [Review]

When James Cameron’s Avatar premiered in 2009 it set a new standard for movies, telling an original story with a visually stunning spectacle best experienced in IMAX. 13 years later the first of several planned sequels set on the colorful planet of Pandora aims to equal that ground-breaking feat. LEGO recently released a wave of sets from the first movie letting fans new and old return to Pandora in advance of the new movie Avatar: The Way of Water, and after announcing 5 new sets from the sequel, LEGO sent us a copy to review. The first set in our coverage is 75577: Mako Submarine, which includes 553 pieces and will be available on January 1, 2023, for US $59.99 | CAN $79.99 | UK £49.99

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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LEGO Avatar 75579 – Payakan the Tulkun & Crabsuit [Review]

With the recent theatrical release of Avatar: The Way of Water, fans of the franchise are returning to Pandora. And with the recently announced wave of sets from the sequel, LEGO fans can return to Pandora as well, but in brick form. The LEGO Avatar sets are full of colorful plant and animal parts, as well as plenty of new molds for the creature heads. It’s a perfect blend of sci-fi and fantasy. The biggest creature set of the wave is LEGO Avatar 75579: Payakan the Tulkun & Crabsuit, which features a whale-like creature and a very cool crab-inspired submersible. The set includes 761 pieces and will be available on January 1, 2023 for US $99.99 | CAN $129.99 | UK £89.99

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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A quintet of new Avatar sets from The Way of Water revealed on LEGO.com [News]

With the second installment in this newly-revitalized franchise set to hit theaters at the end of the year, LEGO has debuted five new sets from Avatar: The Way of Water. These sets continue common tropes from those already available in the theme, whether it’s militaristic vehicles like the 75577 Mako Submarine, or the creatures of Pandora featured in 75579 Payakan the Tulkun & Crabsuit. Once again, we see the taller minifigures featured in these sets, adding a new dark aqua version of Pandora’s denizens to the mix. And true to the heavily-hydrated movie title, these LEGO sets prominently feature aquatic settings. With loads of coral constructions and undersea rock formations, there’s an especially diverse array of parts available in this lineup. All five of these sets will be available from LEGO stores and their website on January 1st, with 75576 Skimwing Adventure and 75578 Metkayina Reef Home available for pre-order right now through LEGO.com.

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LEGO Avatar 40554 Jake Sully & his Avatar [Review]

The BrickHeadz line has expanded to cover a wide range of pop culture in the past two years, so it is not at all surprising that the wave of sets coming with the release of the second Avatar movie includes one. 40554 Jake Sully & his Avatar features the main character Jake, both in his original human form and as his Na’vi avatar. It contains 246 pieces and will be available October 1st and retail for US $19.99 | CAN $24.99 | UK £17.99.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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Four new LEGO Avatar sets revealed at San Diego Comic Con [News]

Pandora is calling in these four new LEGO sets based on the Avatar franchise. Debuting today at San Diego Comic-Con, we see an expansion of the toy line from the previously-announced 75574: Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls. Much like the set revealed during LEGO Con 2022, three of these models depict scenes from the first Avatar movie. But we also get 40554: Jake Sully & his Avatar in BrickHeadz form. Who knows what other new sets the upcoming movie, Avatar: The Way of Water, will bring! All the sets here will be released on October 1st, with 75572: Jake & Neytiri’s First Banshee Flight available for pre-order on July 21st through the LEGO website. And the BrickHeadz set will be a LEGO-exclusive, available only through their brick-and-mortar stores or LEGO.com.

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LEGO Con 2022 reveals include Avatar, 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum, Floral Art set, and more [News]

Today LEGO Con 2022 — LEGO’s online fan event targeted at families — brought the reveal of a huge lineup of sets from a variety of themes. We’ve already featured some of the sets, but further highlights include Marvel Infinity Saga’s 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum, a 2,708-piece, modular-style version of Doctor Strange’s mystical hideout as seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The reveals also include the long-rumored acquisition of James Cameron’s Avatar license, which will feature the tall blue aliens as minifigures with extended limbs previously used in the Toy Story sets from 2010. Only a single set has been revealed so far, 75574 Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls, though we expect more to come. LEGO also unveiled a new mosaic set, 31207 Floral Art, which features a variety of flower patterns. Other sets revealed include BrickHeadz and Minecraft. All of the sets are slated for an August 1 release except the Avatar set, which will follow on October 1.

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He’s a gigantic fluffy monster with an arrow on his head! Its kinda hard to miss him!

Sokka sure got it right when he pointed out this major flaw in Team Avatar’s main mode of transportation. Despite his lack of stealth, Appa proved to be an essential part of the team, carrying the gang and more all over the bending world. Fans of Nickelodeon’s The Last Airbender surely look back wantingly at the small line of sets that The LEGO Group blessed us with when the show was still airing and plenty of builders have expressed their dreams in brick form. Jay-Roon Bricks has joined in with this wonderful brick-built Appa, Avatar Aang’s loyal sky bison. Katara and Sokka look pretty comfy in that lovely saddle, while Aang looks ready for the next adventure. I’m glad they haven’t lost their supply bag yet either, represented here by the sand blue round plates and tiles behind the saddle.

This version models Appa’s body well and seems to be in scale with Toph and the rest of the gang. His face has some great details and seems very expressive, helping to capture the big guy’s spirit.

This picture from above also shows off the details of Appa’s tail and patterning. The rounded end and tight joints really match the character’s design and probably make this model very poseable.

Check out some more cartoon-inspired builds that we’ve shared.

Avatars, Assemble!

The charismatic twitch star, CodeMiko, is presented in Lego form through these fantastic builds by TBB alumn Iain Heath. CodeMiko is famous for her highly detailed avatars which she portrays through motion capture. In this set of builds, we can see some of the unusual avatars she uses. For me, the fish costume really stands out, with its bulbous eyes and bright blue colour scheme. Miko is even shown in her motion-capture gear, known as the Technician (the one with orange dots). Hinge pieces represent noses throughout the models and the lower parts of the faces appear to have been built upside down. The playful style of the builds captures the energetic personality of CodeMiko and her characters. Let’s hope it all brings a smile to your face.

Code Miko in LEGO

Western Air Temples

If there is ever a license I hope LEGO revisits, it is LEGO Avatar. In 2006 there was a wave of Avatar sets counting no more than two sets. To be honest, the Fire Nation Ship might be the worst thing that ever happend to the Avatar franchise, and I am counting the live action remake of the show. The current super hero sets contain a lot of energie effects that would work perfectly for bending. And we simply need an Appa made of LEGO. Someone who might agree with me on this is Jonas Kramm. His latest creation is the Western Air Temple and it is just stunning. The big ugly rock pieces are hardly noticeable and the temples are constructed quite elegantly by attaching book covers to rounded windows. The star of this creation however has to be that brick build Appa using boomerangs for legs.

Western Air Temple | 101 pieces

Guns? Check. Rotors? Check. All systems go!

Sometimes the inspiration for a LEGO build comes from the builder’s head, or from some media franchise, or from some particular piece that suggests a creation just by its shape. Sometimes it is all of those, as this build by Andreas Lenander demonstrates. The build was begun by thinking about the rim from the Harley Davidson Fat Boy, which led to thinking about the airships from Avatar, which led to a very cool, very capable-looking heavy gunship. A couple of these bad boys cresting the ridge, launching missiles from the under-wing batteries, spraying lead from the nose mounted gatling gun, would be sure to send the enemy running in fright. It is like a combination of the A-10 Warthog and the AH-64 Apache, and I love it.

NE-P Defender II - New Elementary parts fest

Besides the rims, the build uses some of the grenade tips that I associate with newer Batman sets as its missiles, stuck into Technic pins and then stuck into the underside of bricks. It is a simple connection, though slightly “illegal“, but it is a great one to remember when trying to reverse stud direction. The Technic axle connector on the nose looks great, too, with the four notches giving the impression of multiple barrels on the machine gun. It is a bit light on greebling, despite what one might expect from a sci-fi build, but I think it is more appropriate to make it look smooth and professionally engineered, rather than cobbled together. After all, if you want to take down some Na’vi with your military-industrial complex, you have to look sharp and pack a big punch.

Massive LEGO Avatar diorama imagines Pandora’s future

Jon & Catherine Stead have built an enormous Avatar-themed diorama depicting a future for Pandora where low-impact ore extraction has become a reality, with humans and Na’avi working together in harmony.

Pandora Diorama MOC - 2

The layout is 3m x 1.5m — a huge undertaking, which the builders have managed to stuff full of detailed plant life and mining machinery. Jon says the model took 6 weeks to complete — you can see why!

Sadly there are no separate close-up images, but I’d heartily recommend clicking through to the image here and zooming in to see some of the details.

Avatar: The Last Airbender takes to the sky in LEGO form

Cast your mind back to 2005-08 and you may remember an American animated television series called Avatar: The Last Airbender, on Nickelodeon.  Firstly we have John Moffat bringing the main characters from the series to life in LEGO form.

Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Avatar animation series was set in a fantasy world in which some people are able to manipulate the basic elements of air, water, fire and earth by use of psychokinetic variants of Chinese martial arts, known as “bending”. Aang, the twelve-year-old, fun-loving, airbending protagonist of the series can be seen in more detail below… The body positioning with martial art poses is fantastic for these small characters.


In addition, Jme Wheeler brings one of the faithful companions, Appa the loyal sky bison of Aang, to life once more in LEGO form.

Appa 1 (s)

Jme Wheeler captures the character of Appa with a very accurate colour palette with studs to show  “shaggy ” fur, and great use of part 49668  (1×1 plate with tooth). The positioning is a classic bison head down. Look at that nose and those strong legs ready to charge — the only slight difference being…this bison can fly!