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Why not a Star Wars Y-Wing?

It turns out, the formula for successfully getting featured on The Brothers Brick is Star Wars. Oh, and LEGO. That part is crucial. The dubiously-named Simulterious takes pretty much the only two pages of TBB’s Book of Winning the Entire Internet and combines Star Wars and LEGO. And now everyone is as pleased as punch. It doesn’t hurt that this crowd-pleasing Rebel workhorse is outfitted with some nifty details and build techniques. Thanks to this builder’s amazing work, this article was really not much effort on my part. You just type up a couple of stream-of-conscious quips, then sit back and watch the success roll in. Thanks, Simulterious !

Y-wing starfighter

An Ewok Village redo and redemption

A LEGO builder who goes by the name of Simulterious tells us that they took apart the Ewok Village 10236 set and regretted it. Yeah, we know all about regret here at TBB, don’t we? Wait, what the hell does that mean? Anyway, they turned their regret into a redo and redemption of sorts by building a new version depicting what the set could look like today. I’m enjoying the use of shields as sort of a thatched roof design and the diversity of leaves is a welcome change from the old set. This builder also rectifies the obvious omission of the AT-ST from the original. Even though there seem to be slightly fewer Minifigures (that are visible, anyway) this would be an insta-buy for me if this were a real set. While we most certainly have our regrets, (wait, that again?) showcasing this builder’s work isn’t among them. Check out our Simulterious archives to see what I mean.

Ewok Village

A mighty battle to see us into Ragnarok

Simulterious captures some incredible action in his latest LEGO build depicting Ragnarok, the Norse end of days before all is built anew. Speaking of building, there’s fantastic construction on display within this scene! Simulterious has captured some naturalistic movement in the coiled sand green sea serpent, as it rears in readiness to strike the longboat and its remaining inhabitant. The curved tiles add a nice smooth line to the Serpent, with the plate with holder adding subtle detail to the spine and leading to a well executed brick-built head and crest.


The longboat itself is well engineered, and I love the use of a wing piece to shape the front of the vessel. The feathers work effortlessly as layered planks on the ship’s prow, leading up to the brick-built carved head of the vessel. The shields that line the side of the ship add a nice detail too, formed from tiles. The sail, made from shell pieces, looks as if it’s catching a last great gust of wind.

Its a good time to be a Viking longboat fan!

This sun-dappled battle is pretty brutal

Sun Tzu said, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” However, if you absolutely have to engage in combat, then why not take a leaf out of LEGO builder Simulterious‘ book and deploy a band of fearsome samurai armed with a cartload of rockets? This is a great little battle scene — soldiers scrapping over control of a pagoda-styled tower whilst gunpowder-driven projectiles fly all over the place. The walls of the building are nicely textured, creating a weathered effect and a sense of age, and the surrounding landscaping is well done with the rockwork suggesting a craggy hilltop in a wider forest. But it’s the photography and lighting which elevates this model into something special. I don’t know if this battle is taking place at sunrise or sunset, but the low hazy sun makes for a very pretty skirmish indeed.

LEGO Samurai castle battle

The End of the Clone Wars

Fans of a galaxy far, far away should instantly recognize this planet as seen in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Depicted here in LEGO by builder Simulterious is one of the last battles of the Clone Wars.
Felucia; Reconquest

With its cabling arches and splashes of colored vegetation, Felucia instantly grabbed the attention of moviegoers back in 2005. It was again featured in the 2006 game Star Wars: Battlefront II, where clone troopers fought back waves of droids and monsters. I still get those vibes just by looking at the incredible attention to detail that Simulterious has built into this creation.

The flora of Felucia is always a challenge for any builder. Simulterious manages to combine unique parts and colors to establish a strong alien look, with towering plants and deadly bushes harboring even more lethal foes for the clone troopers and Aayla Secura, their Jedi commander. I really like the overgrowth on the Republic tank. As anyone who has visited the tropics know, it only takes a day or two for Nature to take over anything that isn’t natural.

A warning to the Jedi waging war on this planet: watch your back!