Why not a Star Wars Y-Wing?

It turns out, the formula for successfully getting featured on The Brothers Brick is Star Wars. Oh, and LEGO. That part is crucial. The dubiously-named Simulterious takes pretty much the only two pages of TBB’s Book of Winning the Entire Internet and combines Star Wars and LEGO. And now everyone is as pleased as punch. It doesn’t hurt that this crowd-pleasing Rebel workhorse is outfitted with some nifty details and build techniques. Thanks to this builder’s amazing work, this article was really not much effort on my part. You just type up a couple of stream-of-conscious quips, then sit back and watch the success roll in. Thanks, Simulterious !

Y-wing starfighter

1 comment on “Why not a Star Wars Y-Wing?

  1. hntrains

    Stream-of-consciousness! Are such bits intended to see if anyone actually reads the text?

    P.S. This builder is nearly the king of greebles.

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