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The magic of Willow can be yours

If you missed the epic Lucas/Howard film in 1988 as I did, then you can redeem yourself in a couple of different ways. You may catch the new series streaming on Disney Plus starting today. Apparently, Warwick Davis will be reprising his titular role as the diminutive Willow Ufgood. Secondly, you may gaze upon this amazing LEGO playset built by Tobias Roloff. I can’t name these characters nor recall the scenes depicted here but, despite missing out on the cinematic action long ago, I know a fun playset when I see one. I mean, just look at those great textures and plant life and suspended bridges! You, on the other hand, may be better versed in the action sequences depicted here and you may be losing your collective cookies at the total awesomeness illustrated here.

Willow Action3 - Logo

Thirdly, (Did I mention there was a third option?) Tobias isn’t shy about notifying you that you can vote for this on LEGO Ideas to make this Willow playset a reality. If seeing this as a real set and getting it into your hot little hands is a thrill to you, then be sure to check out his Flickr stream where he conveniently provides the link for you to support this idea.

Willow Action2

We come from the land of ice and snow...

Back in 2005, LEGO came up with a stunning Vikings theme that captured our imaginations for years afterwards. I wish they would (ahem) revisit the line again (ahem). Are you listening, LEGO? I wish you’d revisit the Vikings line. (Cough, cough COUGH!) Pardon me, it must have been one of those dry prickles you get sometimes. Anyway, Ivan Martynov takes us back to a simpler time when I had other haircut options and the world seemed full of possibilities. This stunning Vikings-inspired Krakenveiðar creation looks like it would be fun to play with. That’s because it is a reimagining of a prototype of a set that never came to be. He even used the Vikings logo of yore. Care to have your minds blown? Check out the prototype. Care to have your minds blown again? Then check out the other times we totally freaked out over Ivan’s stuff.


Stop the traitor on Takodana

When recreating a movie scene, a LEGO creation done right will make you feel like you’re in the scene yourself. That’s exactly what Carter Witz has done with his Dual on Takodana. Star Wars fans will remember the moment when FN-2199 (nicknamed TR-8R by the fans) confronts Finn in the remains of Maz Kanata’s castle.

Duel on Takodana

The mix of different dark grey pieces recall the look of the castle, both before it was destroyed – as seen in the structures left standing – and after. The destroyed stone of the castle is highlighted by fallen trees, bent metal, and small fires dotting the scene. One of the fires even features a trans-orange snake element to give it a unique shape. In addition to looking cool, there are even play features with the figures weapons clashing and rubble exploding.

Another LEGO nod to the classic Star Wars toys of the 80’s

Remember when Eric Druon built a LEGO version of the 1980’s Kenner Death Star? Well, the French builder is recreating even more of your favorite Star Wars toys from the past! But this time instead of the Death Star we get Cloud City of Bespin. Just look at those play features! This beauty has everything you need to reenact your favorite scenes from Empire including the carbon freezing chamber and the strange catwalk where (spoiler alert) Vader cuts off Luke’s hand.