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So GLaDOS to see you

Ivan Martynov has turned to everyone’s favourite evil-robot-overlord-with-homicidal-tendencies for inspiration in the Digital Iron Builder contest. This doesn’t appear to be GLaDOS herself – but there’s no telling whether it’s just as evil or not. The seed part is a SPIKE sensor, an unusual part in its own right. It does look superb as the iconic eyes of Aperture Science technology though. In a way it makes perfect sense for this particular part use – the colour sensor is basically an eye, of sorts. The massive robot in the centre would be impressive enough on its own here, but the addition of a turret and Personality Core really ties everything together.


You wanna pizza me, huh?!

I’ll level with you, dear reader: I saw this build by Ivan Martynov and I had no idea what to make of it. It looks like a pizza chef’s fever dream. Which, as it turns out, is not far from the truth! It’s apparently inspired by a newly-popular video game called Pizza Tower. I can’t comment on whether Ivan’s build is accurate, but it sure is a tour de force in clever parts usage. Chain links are doubled up for the pizza crust. White lifebelts make up the apron straps. And a couple of eggs are used for the eyes. This is the best one if you ask me – a real eye-popper!


Scolia the Venomous

This LEGO creation by Ivan Martynov is not for the faint of heart. Or at least not for people who are afraid of wasps and mosquitos. This little critter looks like it is not only equipped to defend itself against harmful villains. It looks like it was built to act out Order 66. It looks like a mean killing machine that won’t be taking prisoners. I can already see lots of people defending themselves with menu cards, rolled-up newspapers or a fly swatter. These beasts roam the tourist hotspots like zoos, playgrounds, ice cream parlours, and let’s not forget public parks. To top it off, they appear to be venomous and vigilante.


Midwife /ˈmidˌwīf/ (noun) a person (typically a woman) trained to assist women in childbirth

Do you know why we’ve seen an influx of LEGO crab creations lately? No seriously, do you? Because we’re pretty confused on the matter. We featured this one a few days back, then this one followed by this other one and now Ivan Martynov presents his crab simply called Midwife. I’m not sure if this qualifies as TMI or not but we’re pretty sure there are also other crabs infesting our various cracks and crevices. Despite the burning and itching, I rather like the odd color scheme and bio-mechanical feel of this design. The multiple eyes are quite unsettling and it appears as if she’s manifesting smaller pink crabs from her own head. It really takes me back to high school prom night! Anyway, check out all the other reasons why Ivan Martynov kinda gets under our skin.


Gawk at this good-looking gladiator in green

Take a look at this intrepid LEGO gladiator from Ivan Martynov. Named Araxacus, he’s resplendent in his green armour. Green is probably a better choice camouflage-wise than the usual gold and silver metal that ancient Greek and Roman warriors wore. Mind you, the big red cape might not help much in that respect. If you did manage to spot him, you’d see a whole host of interesting pieces. Araxacus is so intrepid he even uses some non-LEGO for his armour! The chest piece comes from a Hot Wheels car, of all things, that was designed to be compatible with the Mega Construx brands. I’m particularly drawn to that headpiece, which I’m sure I have a few of in my parts bins but always dismiss for being of no use. More fool me – it looks superb here.

Araxacus the Intrepid

First name: Krog, last name: Torturer, middle names: Zaak, the

This friendly-looking chap built by Ivan Martynov is called Krog Zaak the Torturer. With a name like that, there was little chance he’d end up in a nice, safe line of work. Even if the Torturer is just a title, I don’t think you’d want him running the Krog Zaak Daycare or being an accountant. He looks the part as well, very T-800-esque – that is, he could crush you underfoot with those clever springy legs. The head in particular looks very menacing with the yellow popping nicely against the grey machinery. I wonder if he gives good hugs.

Krog Zaak the Torturer

Today I Learned: Collaborative intelligence

If you don’t know what collaborative intelligence is, let me show you an illustrative example. You take two brilliant LEGO builders, say, ▷Cezium◁ and Ivan Martynov, you put them inside shared digital building space (aka collaborative mode in Stud.io) and let their shared mind run wild. But be cautious of some mind-blowing mechs and awesome use of LEGO Mindstorms elements.

Usually I don’t appreciate people changing LEGO parts colors to any non-existing shade; it just ruins the challenge of using what is available. But with jaw-dropping render quality I can forgive a lot: these builds look both mesmerising and a bit terrifying. I’m kind of happy they only exist in the digital world.

An upgrade every computer should have.

When a program on your PC stops responding, there’s only one hero who can save the day: The Task Manager. Ivan Martynov has personified the Task Manager in battle against a monstrous glitch in this fantastic Bio-Cup entry. The scene works especially well thanks to a terrific trio of pop-up browser windows, which the bug is crawling through. The full build is an action-packed reminder to save your work often.

Task Management

Multiple tears were shedded in the making of this build

Ivan Martynov shows us, in LEGO form, what happens to that one sprouting onion that has been lying in your kitchen pantry for way too long. Apparently after sprouting they grow arms and legs and a fondness of blowing things up with their grenade launchers. So my advice to you is to quickly check your pantry at home for sprouting onions and make a delicious onion soup, because you don’t want one of these bad boys to go rogue on you and blow up your kitchen.

Onion Onslaught

This dangerous Dissolver melts our hearts

Ivan Martynov is a master of creature construction. His latest digital build is a monster that channels corrosive liquids through his arms to leave his Bionicle foes reduced to a puddle of goo. But, with those massive bendy arms, I bet he gives some pretty good hugs, too. Has anyone tried giving him a hug? Maybe that’s all he needs. Did the Toa ever think of that? I bet not.


A strange new horror emerges

A huge looming shadow envelopes a city as squirming tentacles rise from the earth, while a floating monstrosity transforms all in its wake into a dark and twisted land. Or at least that’s what we can assume is happening in this awesome build created by Ivan Martynov. The main model features an odd humanoid body surrounded by a variety of cable and tube parts. One of the protruding lower sections of the creature is actually a sled piece from the Life on Mars sets. Several of the structures on the ground are cleverly made up of old Znap pieces with hints of colour wedged in between. It also seems this new overlord will always be watching with its many gleaming red eyes.

Progeny of Atum

Something strange is creeping in the soul of this Bionicle

The Toa better be wary of this creature! Ivan Martynov has constructed this fascinating model based on the classic Bionicle hero, Keetongu. However, a parasite now wears the hero’s armour, as it attempts to impersonate the ancient elder. While the model is mostly made up of Bionicle and Hero Factory parts, general LEGO pieces are mixed in with the build, such as the coverings for the feet and angled handles at the upper thighs. Some of the pieces you won’t be able to find in that warm orange colour, as the model is a rendered image. The hints of pink and transparent purple contrast nicely with the rest of the build, providing this creature with an ominous appearance.