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Gawk at this good-looking gladiator in green

Take a look at this intrepid LEGO gladiator from Ivan Martynov. Named Araxacus, he’s resplendent in his green armour. Green is probably a better choice camouflage-wise than the usual gold and silver metal that ancient Greek and Roman warriors wore. Mind you, the big red cape might not help much in that respect. If you did manage to spot him, you’d see a whole host of interesting pieces. Araxacus is so intrepid he even uses some non-LEGO for his armour! The chest piece comes from a Hot Wheels car, of all things, that was designed to be compatible with the Mega Construx brands. I’m particularly drawn to that headpiece, which I’m sure I have a few of in my parts bins but always dismiss for being of no use. More fool me – it looks superb here.

Araxacus the Intrepid

Are you not entertained by this LEGO Roman chariot?

Straight from the Circus Maximus, let me present this exquisite LEGO chariot built by Dicken Liu. And, given the subject matter, I think this is a good time to learn some Latin. Our first vocab word is volare: to fly or move quickly. And, by golly, those horses are doing exactly that! This build evokes such motion with its flying manes and tails, I can almost hear their galloping hooves when I look at it! It’s truly a brilliant use of curved slopes and arches.


Learn some more Latin below