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The coral-ation of cuteness and compact critters

If you’re not familiar with LEGO, you might not realize this is made of the classic building toy. Of course, this is because of the excellent piece choices The Underscored Double made when crafting this natural scene. The parts from the Hero Factory and Bionicle toy lines push what anyone can do with LEGO, as the Bio-Cup event shows us with the unique builds on display. Here, The Underscored Double cleverly uses the Bionicle claw to create the lime green coral structure beneath the critter. The claw layering gives the coral a wonderful sloping texture, allowing the orange plant pieces to branch and curve around it. The creature itself moves around beneath the translucent green seagrass canopy. A part choice I really appreciate is the minifig microphones for the critter’s eyes. It’s a fun touch that brings your eyes to the alien crustacean enjoying the day in its bright coral home.

coral critter

Aloysius Animo, at your service

Fans of Ben 10 may recognize this Earth-68 version of the conflicted Doctor Animo, a genius in mutagenic effects and subsequently frequent bad guy. This build by The Underscored Double is an awesome representation of the character. The modeling and color-blocking hit on key points of his design, like the tech strapped to his chest or the exposed brain, antennae, and goggles. The claws are also a perfect match with the lime green accents. In addition to this villain, we’re also given a great version of an alien on Ben’s Omnitrix, the Stinkfly. The ghostly green color palette, as well as the translucent green head, compliment the wealth of interesting Bionicle and Galidor pieces used by the builder to mold this complicated character.

Doctor Animo and the Dragonfly

If you enjoy builds like this, check out some more characters. If you’d like to see more by this builder, you can find them on Flickr or Instagram (@theunderscoreddouble).