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A Star Wars scene but built in the style of a classic LEGO theme

Based on a scene from Rouge One: A Star Wars Story, Robert4168 has created this unique display which adopts the look of the LEGO Adventurers theme. Instead of the heroes obtaining the Death Star plans from a data library, here they appear to be climbing bookshelves in order to reach the treasure at the top. But alas, they are pursued and one of the heroes has fallen! A curved plant stem represents a guard for an elegant cutlass on the wall, with more of the piece forming an artistic trim at the upper section of the build. This is truly an unexpected combination of themes and it would be great to see more themes mashed together like this.

The Fall of Cassian

This robot looks as though it’s straight out of a mecha anime

Now that’s one eye-catching machine! Ryuhei Kawai has created this striking mech, primarily presented in yellow with hints of dark blue. The model has nice chunky proportions with a cockpit for a minifigure located at the head. The mech’s serious expression is formed of piercing purple irises combined with thick eyebrows. At the center of the torso, an old vehicle grill piece is used, with a wheel rim behind it representing a rotatory fan. For some extra speed, wheels are attached to the feet with superb mechanical details. It’s a wonderful build that is reminiscent of classic anime robot designs.

Surprisingly, this squid is not attacking the lighthouse

Based on the drawing of a child, this fascinating LEGO build has been cleverly constructed by Ben Cossy. The original drawing describes a squid taking on the role of a lighthouse and inking boats which are going by too fast. The squid build uses multiple tentacle pieces from the Gargantos Showdown set while blending different shades of green together in the formation of the body. The ships are miniature in their size with quarter circle tiles portraying sails. Looks like one has already been caught speeding!

The South Mole Squid

There is also an informative video that demonstrates some of the techniques used in creating this scene.

Rock Raiders meets Star Wars in this awesome display

Two epic themes collide in this wonderful creation by PaulvilleMOCs. An AT-ST from Star Wars has been recreated with features and colours found in the Rock Raiders sets. The brown roll cage is custom-made, using a mixture of bars, clip handle pieces, and minifigure hands. A classic fork handle piece acts as the tip of the antenna at the back of the walker and instead of having guns the machine is equipped with a drill at the front. This will definitely assist with the search for precious energy crystals!

Rock (AT-ST) Raiders

One clean looking Western scene

Hardly any studded surfaces are visible in this eye-catching model created by Eli Willsea. Instead, a variety of slope and curved pieces are mainly used, forming a staggered appearance of rocks. There is also a wonderful colour gradient in the rocks, as the light sand tone develops into a warm orange. The slight angle given to the side supports of the mine entrances assists in making the scene look even more realistic. The main characters appear to be in quite the dilemma, as they attempt to swing to safety while being pursued by some fearsome bandits.

Swinging to Safety

One stylish looking character with great uses of LEGO cloth pieces

This regal character, created by Eero Okkonen, has an awesome aesthetic. Several cloth pieces from the Volkswagen T2 Camper Van set, are included in this build, mainly the orange roof section (used for the turban) and the curtains (representing frills at the shoulders). The dark red and brown colours of the outfit contrast nicely against the vivid white at the gloves and legs. The top of the boots feature Belville saddle pieces which creates realistic looking textures. Eero has a wonderful talent for constructing fascinating characters with this model being another prime example of his inventive techniques.

Rinka Padmavati

Why have a Jack-in-the-box when you could have a Mech-in-the-box?

From the talented mind of Moko, comes this incredible mech build. The robot has the ability to transform into an innocent looking cube presented in an eye-catching lime colour scheme. The head is created through use of a silver bow tie placed on top of a tooth piece which acts as an elongated chin. With a minfigure in the pilot seat, the mech is ready to arm its self with a rifle, equipped with an electrified bayonet at the end.

CUBE-ROBO 12[Powered suit01]

In the cube mode, you can see the front “M” tile which was used in a Jungle Racer set from 2003. On the side there is also a code tile, featured in the Exo- Force sets.

CUBE-ROBO 12[Powered suit01]

To see how the magic happens, check out this video of the transformation, featuring more awesome mech poses.

This microscale island looks like the perfect tropical hideaway

Although the main island build looks peaceful enough, there may be many perils along the way to reach it! Koala Yummies has created this wonderful display, featuring a hut on a sandy beach with a ship on one side and a colourful sea monster on the other. There are several noteworthy techniques here, such as the use of bar holder pieces as cannons on the island and the placement of a wide blade on the ship, representing a forward sail. The sea monster has a webbed collar which was featured on one of the Shark Army Generals from The LEGO Ninjago Movie. The azure colour of the ocean creates a pleasing contrast against the darker shades of the models, providing the builds with an eye-catching style.


Preparations for an adventure across the ocean waves

The talented Faëbricks has created this intriguing build which shows a young boat builder who dreams of one day traveling out to sea in search of fortune. The frame of a boat is embedded into the sand, as the adventurer carries wooden planks over to the construction. One of the most eye-catching features of the model has to be the waves; teeth pieces form part of the white foam which is surrounded by clear wedges providing this section with a realistic look.

Les aventures d’Henri Quart - Chapitre 1 - Le Chantier Naval

Faëbricks has even created a video, demonstrating the intricate details of the diorama.

A great day for Grendizer

Classic mecha fans rejoice! Marco De Bon has created this stunning version of the anime mech, Grendizer. The build has a clean and smooth look to it, with hardly any studs in sight. This has been achieved through the use of a variety of curved slope pieces which also assist in recreating the humanoid appearance of the mech. At the top of the head small pyramid pieces represent short spikes of the helmet. The model even includes hooked bladed weapons which can be attached together or used individually. With the ability to strike some awesome poses, there’s not much more you could ask for in a LEGO mech model.

Lego Grendizer (Goldrake, Goldorak)

These Gundam builds would make for great sets

Based on designs from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, Rokan Cheung has built the main Gundam mech head and a BrickHeadz version of its pilot, Amuro Rey. A variety of slope and angled pieces have been used to create the complex shapes of the head. Corner panels are stacked together to form the vent sections on the sides of the helmet. The BrickHeadz build has some great features, such as croissants representing curls in the fringe and tooth pieces portraying sharp-pointed boots. With official LEGO set releases such as Voltron and Optimus Prime in recent years, maybe there’s potential that something like Rokan’s models might appear in the future.

Gundam RX78-2 in Helmet Style!!

What happens when a Kaiju joins the human side?

The answer to the question posed in the title is demonstrated in this fascinating creation, built by Ryan Z. The model has an elongated form and is adapted for human use by having a carrier section on its back. The face has an interesting design with two large angled slopes placed together sideways with a green snowboard representing the tongue of the creature. The carrier section features a control tower overlooking a short runway where fighters can launch from. It could be quite the bumpy ride for those in the tower section, especially if this beast moves in a lizard like motion.

HMAS Lacerta Navis