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This mech is raring to launch into space

Fully equipped for galactic warfare, comes this awesome creation by Wiseman_Lego. The design is reminiscent of a mech called a Jegan, which is featured in a variety of Mobile Suit Gundam series. This model has a muscular, tough-looking form, thanks to the application of rounded and angled parts. A triangular road sign acts as a centerpiece at the chest with a hint of orange on either side creating contrast against the blue and grey colour scheme.

"SPARTAN" - Space Frame

The machine is able to house a pilot which is impressive considering the mech’s slender shape. On the back and around the legs are a variety of thrusters to allow for fast travel in space. This build is a perfect tribute to classic mecha designs while still being able to have a unique and interesting appearance.

"SPARTAN" - Space Frame

Taking a cautious dive into a miniature ocean

Time to explore the watery depths! Paolo Loro takes us for a swim with this superb microscale build. Fitting in nicely with the aquatic theme is a minifigure air tank which forms part of the yellow submarine. The clear angled handles not only do a great job at holding the submarine in place but they also portray a stream of bubbles, trailing behind the vehicle as it descends. However, the submarine needs to be wary of deep sea mines represented by chain flail pieces. These explosives are nestled in with a thick abundance of sea vegetation featuring an assortment of spiked vine pieces and 1×1 flower pieces.

Chunky mech just wants a handshake

It’s time to have a look at another fantastic mechanical model built by the talented Mitsuru Nikaido. The mech is presented in a monochromatic style for the most part, the exceptions being the little hints of colour at the eye and pistol. A wide claw piece represents the head and its placement allows for the convenient position of a red axle to act as an eye. At the shoulders, shield pieces are attached to the model, with angled bricks placed upon them. The fingers have a humanoid look, conveyed by the rounded tips at the ends. Armed with a tough looking blaster, this mech could prove to be quite the adversary.


Introducing Cubone’s edgier cousin

I’d choose this Pokémon! Created by Sandro Quattrini, this interpretation of the elusive Cuebone has a mysterious and deadly look to it. The skull helmet is represented by a lower jaw piece, featured in a mosasaurs model from back in 2001. Cubone carries a simple bone club in the original design, however, this version turns the weapon into more of a blade. Holder clips and mechanical arms portray spiked ribs along the blade, leading to a handle formed of flat gears. The stocky rounded proportions of the character are still retained through application of sloped bricks at the main body and the legs. The model has a superb design which is still easily recognizable while having new exaggerated details.

Animal Death

Something strange is creeping in the soul of this Bionicle

The Toa better be wary of this creature! Ivan Martynov has constructed this fascinating model based on the classic Bionicle hero, Keetongu. However, a parasite now wears the hero’s armour, as it attempts to impersonate the ancient elder. While the model is mostly made up of Bionicle and Hero Factory parts, general LEGO pieces are mixed in with the build, such as the coverings for the feet and angled handles at the upper thighs. Some of the pieces you won’t be able to find in that warm orange colour, as the model is a rendered image. The hints of pink and transparent purple contrast nicely with the rest of the build, providing this creature with an ominous appearance.


This Pacific Rim mech is ready to avenge

Giant hulking robots are always fun to see in LEGO form. Psyro TtunTomato has built this awesome version of Gypsy Avenger from Pacific Rim Uprising movie. The model has a muscular design with a slender waist section, all presented in a clean-looking dark blue colour scheme. The golden eye area is cleverly represented by a textured circular brick. While it is in a bit of an odd position, a bike chassis is used to form the crotch of the mech.

Lego pacific rim gipsy avenger

A trans-orange wheel rim portrays the machine’s powerful generator at the chest. When it is time for the final strike against a monster, the mech comes equipped with a chain sword which is represented by a blade first featured in the Nexo Knight sets.

Lego pacific rim gipsy avenger

Stitch of the purple dolphins

There are lots of interesting techniques to see in this model! Logan W has built this impressive model of Stitch from the Lilo and Stitch franchise. Two dolphins have been cleverly incorporated into the design, representing the purple insides of Stitch’s ears. There are more aquatic parts used in the model such as a large clamshell for the lower jaw and flippers at the arms. Black knit caps portray the adorable pupils of the character with Admiral Thrawn’s hair used as the nose. The legs are formed of stumpy wings, featured in the Mario penguin costume. It’s a great build that perfectly captures Stitch’s cheeky personality and proportions.


Gundam grunt has a turn in the spotlight

Gundam mech designs are often covered in sharp angles, making it difficult to portray them in LEGO form. However, Derrick Li has done a fantastic job at recreating this GM mech from the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt anime. Instead of going for a flat, plain visor, the green eye area protrudes out slightly in order to form a more circular shape for the head. The areas in dark turquoise are actually dark blue in the original design, but the color change in this model assists in accentuating the details of the torso.

The model also looks to be well articulated, and it comes equipped with a rifle and a beam saber. Macaroni pieces perfectly create the odd rounded feet of the mech.

Check out this colourful cyber samurai

This is one to watch out for on the battlefield! Eero Okkonen has taken inspiration from the Monkie Kid sets with the vibrant colours featured in this build. Yellow curved tubes (AKA macaroni) form part of the character’s wide helmet with red claws portraying horns. The fingers are actually skeleton arms and the windscreens in dark turquoise are perfect for creating the samurai’s armour skirting. The futuristic design is completed by the use of trans red at the knees, arm shields and in the sword. It’s an eye-catching model where you can tell Eero has taken time to analyse parts from the Monkie Kid theme in order to apply the pieces in inventive ways.

Polymer Samurai

What adventures await on this mysterious alien world?

In a galaxy far away, an astronaut takes a break from space travel to investigate an unusual planet. Bart De Dobbelaer has created this colourful LEGO scene which shows mechanical pillars topped with layers of vibrant plants. The display uses a wide range of pieces from the Clikits theme, including pink suction cups as the flowering sections of several plants. The spaceship has a compact design and features a flexible tube that is interwoven around a cockpit chair from the Hero Factory sets. Let’s hope there’s nothing too sinister going on with this strange alien world.

Pit stop on Cholla Qb2

Ninjago’s Lloyd trades his dragon for an awesome looking speeder

Presented in a glorious turquoise colour scheme, this racer primarily uses parts from the Jungle Dragon Ninjago set. Marco De Bon has provided the build with an insect-like appearance which is conveyed by the front wings looking similar to mandibles and the spear guns on the back being comparable to antennae. Pentagonal tiles are used to great effect in forming the splayed-out protrusions at the back and there are also orange flippers underneath representing engine grill details. It appears to be a tight squeeze to get into the cockpit which makes sense as the vehicle is designed to be compact, allowing for nifty maneuvers around a race circuit.

Lego speedster "Raptor"

This mechanical squid appears to be a fan of skiing

It might be difficult to add this one to a calamari dish. Mitsuru Nikaido has constructed an impressive version of a robotic squid in a black and white colour scheme. Flexible tubes and whip pieces represent cables along the outstretched limbs, adding to the mechanical aesthetic of the design. The squid’s tentacles are covered in a large amount of ski pieces which act as armor plating and are attached via droid bodies. The blank eyes of the creature are portrayed by tires and wheel rims. Being quite a large build, the model requires a stand which assists in conveying a sense that the creature is floating or is ready to glide through the water.

LEGO Mecha Squid_11