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Fabulous + soldier = Fabusoldier?

When it comes to arming animals, Moko is one of – if not the – best in the business. We’re big fans of his work, and apparently so are the residents of Fabuland. They’ve moved on from the happy-go-lucky bright colours of the 1980s and are upgrading their armory. After Peter Pig and Lionel Lion, Bonnie Bunny is the third character to get their own mech, and this one gets airborne! There’s some serious Apache helicopter vibes here – the olive green looks great. And there’s in-flight snacks! It seems even a mech-suit army still marches, and flies, on its stomach.

FabuSoldier 03

It’s Hammertime for this Mech

Moko brings us another offering of his Animal LEGO Mech collection, this time with the Hammerhead Shark kitted out and ready to deliver the Hammer blow! The design of this build certainly emphasises the heavy armour of the Mech and the colour palette accentuates that militaristic vibe. Even within the heavy armour, there are some nice flourishes of design – from the Battle Droid Torso’s found in the ankle mechanism through to the technic construction briefly glimpsed in the arms.

Shark's Exo-suit "Big hands"

But let’s not forget the Mech’s weapon, the Warhammer reveals it’s own bite which is expertly hidden away ready to add a powerful bite to any adversary they encounter. But that Hammerheads grin – toothy!

Shark's Exo-suit "Big hands"

We’ve all been there, those two LEGO plates that need that additional pressure to stick together. Have no fear, this little Sharknado in a Mech suit is here to help!

Great LEGO build may not win power, but it wins respect

Samurais and mechs mix so well. It has been proved by the LEGO designers, and now Moko confirms it one more time. His warrior in dark red armour is a sight to behold. For me, the lack of prints or patterns makes its clean, neat look really stand out. And all the chrome rings is where the design really shines.

機甲武人 玄斬

If you’ve been following Moko’s creations, you should know that possibility is a must for a great mech model. This samurai is no exception, striking its signature stance with the sword ready to hit. What a beauty!

機甲武人 玄斬

Why have a Jack-in-the-box when you could have a Mech-in-the-box?

From the talented mind of Moko, comes this incredible mech build. The robot has the ability to transform into an innocent looking cube presented in an eye-catching lime colour scheme. The head is created through use of a silver bow tie placed on top of a tooth piece which acts as an elongated chin. With a minfigure in the pilot seat, the mech is ready to arm its self with a rifle, equipped with an electrified bayonet at the end.

CUBE-ROBO 12[Powered suit01]

In the cube mode, you can see the front “M” tile which was used in a Jungle Racer set from 2003. On the side there is also a code tile, featured in the Exo- Force sets.

CUBE-ROBO 12[Powered suit01]

To see how the magic happens, check out this video of the transformation, featuring more awesome mech poses.

Then why is it a HAMburger?!

This cyborg version of an old Fabuland figure is pretty torn up about your food choices. Flickr Builder Moko has been making mechs for a long time and, after creating some cyborg versions of LEGO animals, they’ve moved on to some LEGO legends. For the unfamiliar, Fabuland sets were introduced at the end of the 70s and went out of production at the end of the 80s. As Moko puts it in his blog, Fabuland offered a more “picture-book-like world view” with anthropomorphized animal citizens. Think of them as the middle sibling between Duplo and LEGO with a twist of Richard Scarry’s Busytown. Though these figures and sets aren’t produced by LEGO anymore, they still have a core fan group among some collectors due to their rarity and obscurity.  Here Moko has created a mercenary cyborg soldier with an edgy appetite. The plethora of detailed, hinged elements that Moko uses combine in the arms, legs and bodies provide a thick, responsive frame to protect the rider within. Fully armed and prepared for combat, this mech only has one week spot but its a necessary one. After all, how else are you supposed to keep eating during battle? Can’t have crumbs in the cockpit either.

FabuSoldier 01

Aside from all of the amazing details and angles that Moko has created, the solid yellow crystal piece with a red brick as French fries is a stand out detail here. The color-blocking and range of motion that Moko employs always renders a satisfying product that reads well and strikes envy in LEGO mech fans everywhere. Either that or fear, given its intense arsenal and bulk.

You’ll need some serious firepower to take out this mech

Now that’s one bulky machine! LEGO builder Moko has designed another awesome mech, complete with a detailed interior. The machine comes armed with a tactical rifle, ramming spike, and what appears to be missile pods on the shoulders. There is even the nice inclusion of a winch on the front, providing a way for the pilot to gain access to the cockpit. Shield plates, from the Nexo Knights theme, are placed on the sides of the torso, accentuating the angles at the chest section.

Another interesting feature of the mech is that it has a detailed inner frame which can be seen when the armor segments are removed. Although the frame is not visible all the time, seeing the internal workings of the machine really makes you appreciate the extra effort which Moko has put in to make this a believable robotic model.

This mech packs a real bite

Here at The Brothers Brick, we come across a lot of LEGO mechs, and I’m always looking for something different. Moko definitely delivers something different with this mech built for the inevitable Crocodile Invasion! The crocodile body has limited connection points itself, and to see it so easily integrated into the body displays a fantastic knowledge of how LEGO works. The mech’s body has a wonderfully sculpted structure, with its bulky, angled construction creating an impressive and foreboding appearance. Moko has been able to pack a lot of detail into this mech, from the dynamic colors to the powerful arm cannon making good use of the updated stud shooters. The asymmetrical nature of this build allows for the arm design to be vastly different, with the left arm ending in a powerful claw. I’m not in any rush to see this Crocodiles death roll any time soon…

Armor of Crocodile

Quite the creeper, this grim reaper

An amazing LEGO creation doesn’t always need to be a big one. This is proven by Moko. They created a grim reaper and it is the best one in LEGO minifigure scale that I’ve ever seen. The base of the grim reaper is a regular all black minifigure with the modified skull head. For the hood of the cloaked figure the black technic helmet including black visor have been used. It sure is nice to see a classic part like this resurface every now and then. The classic minifigure hood has been used to represent the sleeves of this grim reaper. And last but not least the Hidden Side ghost pedestal makes this figure tower over other minifigures when it comes to its height. This all combined makes one scary grim reaper.


This all-porpoise battle mech is ready for anything

We put on flippers to go swimming in the sea, so I guess it isn’t so weird that a denizen of the ocean would put on a pair of robot legs. But Moko has made sure this dolphin is ready for more than just a sight-seeing tour on the surface world. This mech is providing its Cetacean operator with legs, a giant cannon, an energy sword, a targeting computer, and even a prehensile tail that ends in a claw. It might feel like overkill, but when you realize what the sharks have been up to, you see that there’s an underwater arms race going on. Literally, they all have arms now.

Dolphin's EXO-Suit

Someone wished upon a star for a more accurate LEGO Mickey Mouse figure

The standard LEGO minifigure design has worked as the foundation for countless characters since its introduction in 1978. But, every so often, LEGO needs a little help from builders like Japanese genius Moko to truly capture a character. Moko has crafted a brick-built body that brings the iconic Mickey Mouse design to life, using a head available in the LEGO Ideas 21317 Steamboat Willie set. From the double-buttoned red shorts to the giant white gloves, this is the Mickey that’s been charming audiences for decades. And, hey, the LEGO minifigures shouldn’t feel completely left out. Mickey’s shoes are made from a pair of minifig legs!

Mickey Mouse//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Criminals beware! This police motorbike can transform into a mech

Moko is back with another awesome morphing robot build. Both modes are cleverly designed, as the bike mode barely even looks like it contains a mech within its structure. Sections of the legs are attached via ball joints twisted out and around when forming the mech. The gun is actually made up of the back of the bike, primarily the back seat and exhaust, which acts as the barrel.

Vehicle-Bot 02

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Need a mech for desert combat? This one is more than ready

Moko has created this fantastic mech in a tan colour scheme, perfectly suited for blending in with desert terrain. The build has a stocky appearance suggesting this machine is heavily armoured and can take a beating. Some of the most interesting details can be found in the design for the dust covers over the joints. At first glance, it doesn’t even look like any recognizable LEGO piece but they are actually made of the lower half of ninja mask pieces stacked on top of each other.

LEGO Mech/Exo-suit 08

Equipped with a rifle, missile launcher, and a heavy cannon, the mech has the ability to do some serious damage on the battlefield.

LEGO Mech/Exo-suit 08

There is also a video that demonstrates some of the building techniques which Moko has used to create this impressive machine. Another cool feature that can be seen in the video is the use of coffee cups as missile pods.

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