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“Megazord sequence has been initiated.”

As a child of the late 80’s, Power Rangers was my jam in elementary school. I spent countless afternoons building up spaceships and castles with LEGO while Jason and his team took on the baddies of Rita Repulsa in the background. Ergo, my nostalgia is cranked all the way up to 11 with this excellent Megazord build by naota5552000. While the sculpting and posability of this mech are well thought-out, I’m drawn to the excellent techniques used to make the Zord’s head. The intricate use of clips, bars, and plate corners really gets the job done on a two-stud square base!

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Oh you know, the Megazords are at it again in the city

The Power Rangers were a staple of any 90s childhood, but I believe the television show is a cross generational piece of children’s culture with many different version of the series popping up over the years. One recurring aspect of the show was battles in the city between Megazords and monsters of some type, because you know such an event is just part of city life. Will Galbraith’s LEGO model brings back these familiar scenes.


The city featured in Galbraith’s build is Tokyo, which is shaped out of many small elements including 1×1 plates, 1×1 slope 45s, cheese slopes, and technic gears. Galbraith’s Megazords similarly utilize a menagerie of small pieces also including slopes, tiles, ingots and round 2×2 bricks among many other elements. Overall this build certainly encapsulates the nostalgia of a very beloved show.