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LEGO Echo Base is under attack!

As loud thuds reverberate through the halls of the Rebel base, with icy LEGO studs raining down on the faction within, it must mean that the Empire has arrived. Hypolite Bricks depicts the scene brick by brick in this excellent Star Wars vignette. Featuring a detailed AT-ST and a cutout of the Rebel base underneath, the armaments are quite detailed. But I absolutely adore the inclusion of some light aqua patches. This additional pop of color may not be able to hold off the Empire, but it might give the transports a little more time to get away while the snowtroopers stare in awe.

Battle of Hoth LEGO Star Wars MOC

And if you’re looking for more The Empire Strikes Back action, Abe’s got a video on his YouTube channel showing the construction process and even more hidden details. Be sure to give it a watch!

Why did the chicken walker cross the road?

Every time you think you’ve seen the best LEGO version of a Star Wars vehicle, someone turns around and makes something else incredible. This awesome AT-ST by GolPlaysWithLego utilizes a combination of LEGO and a sprinkling of other brand elements (mostly wedge tiles), along with a whole lot of skill, to raise the bar yet again (in fact, we featured their previous AT-ST version in 2019). The shaping of the gangly mech is spot-on, but it’s the posing with the uneven terrain that really sells this one to me. It’s almost shocking how much adding a good base to a build can improve it, especially a simple and clean design like this one.


Rock Raiders meets Star Wars in this awesome display

Two epic themes collide in this wonderful creation by PaulvilleMOCs. An AT-ST from Star Wars has been recreated with features and colours found in the Rock Raiders sets. The brown roll cage is custom-made, using a mixture of bars, clip handle pieces, and minifigure hands. A classic fork handle piece acts as the tip of the antenna at the back of the walker and instead of having guns the machine is equipped with a drill at the front. This will definitely assist with the search for precious energy crystals!

Rock (AT-ST) Raiders

This AT-Hauler is carrying a light load

The Y-45 hauler first introduced in Solo: a Star Wars Story may have been referred to as a heavy hauler, but this microscale model by Tim Goddard is carrying a much lighter microscale AT-ST. The lift arms are finished with a variety of tiles and modified plates of various size and shape, rather than larger more uniform tiles, which provide a wonderful texture.


The underside is full of great greebly details in dark red, including several Minifig hands, and a set of thin black arms tohold the model up, without distracting from the overall look.


Spindly scout walker strides along with style

There have been plenty of official LEGO AT-ST sets in all kinds of sizes over the years, but this model by Tim Goddard has got to be one of the best representations I’ve seen in a while—certainly at this size and level of detail. One of my favorite parts used is the plastic bit that comes between two shurikens—something many people consider trash—used for the grenade launcher on the left side of the photo. Connected to the base by a single point, the walker also has the perfect jaunty tilt to represent the chicken walk that gave the AT-ST its less popular name.


Not a very “chicken” walker

Known to fans as the “chicken walker”, this LEGO All Terrain-Scout Transport (AT-ST) model by builder Lewis Kiwi is anything but a wimpy chicken. I’d use this beast to stand up to rebel scum any day of the week.


This has to be the most well-built AT-ST I’ve ever seen. From the top of the highly-detailed roof to the bottom of the articulated feet, this AT-ST outshines even the Ultimate Collector’s Series AT-ST set. Just look at the joints! The blasters! The engine work!

Some of the best LEGO creations have a level of detail that implies more detail beneath it. Notice how simple pieces like tubing and fans draw your eyes into the walker’s interior, making you wonder where those tubes connect to and how the walker is powered.


Where Lewis shines the most, however, is in his color schemes. This AT-ST uses light gray as the main armor layer, while underlying dark gray form the walker’s structure. This effect establishes the battle-readiness and is a detail not seen in many of the AT-ST models built over the years.

LEGO Star Wars 75254 AT-ST Raider from The Mandalorian [No-Spoiler Review]

The Disney+ exclusive TV show The Mandalorian just debuted, so we’re taking a look at the single LEGO Star Wars set released to support the show so far. Although the TV show didn’t debut until November 12th, 75254 AT-ST Raider was released alongside the first wave of LEGO Star Wars sets from The Rise of Skywalker at the beginning of October. The set includes 540 pieces with four minifigures and retails for $49.99 US | $69.99 CAN | £49.99 UK (it’s also available at 20% off from Amazon.com right now as well).

This latest AT-ST is one in a long line of “chicken walkers” that LEGO has released, following up on the 75153 AT-ST Walker from Rogue One released in 2016. Of course, that doesn’t count the utterly awful half-walker pawned off on LEGO Star Wars fans in the form of 75201 First Order AT-ST (arguably the worst LEGO Star Wars set ever).

Note about spoilers: Unlike the abominable First Order AT-ST released well in advance of The Last Jedi, this LEGO Star Wars AT-ST does not reveal any spoilers about the TV show. Out of respect for readers who have not yet seen the show (or can’t due to regional release differences), this review of the set will also avoid spoilers. We ask that commenters respect each other and do the same.

Read our full review of LEGO Star Wars 75254 AT-ST Raider from The Mandalorian

A chicken walker just waiting for Ewoks to crack it like an egg

Despite the vehicles from the Star Wars movies being built time and time again, from endlessly re-hashed official sets to uncountable builds from the LEGO community, sometimes a fan creation comes around that makes you say “Wow.” This Imperial AT-ST by GolPlaysWithLego is one such build, capturing the likeness of the scout walker impeccably. The hips have the wobbly look that is so distinctive of the aptly-nicknamed chicken walker, always sorely lacking in official sets, yet it still seems solidly put together while maintaining excellent proportions — it’s certainly the best I have seen.


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