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San Diego Comic-Con 2018 LEGO Exclusive revealed [News]

Every year LEGO releases exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con and this year is no different. Star Wars themes have always been favourites. It’s back again this year with a build showcase of the cockpit segment of the Millennium Falcon featuring Han Solo and Chewbacca.

Looking at the elements, fans would rejoice as it seems that there are no unique parts to build this on your own. Both Minifigures come from the recent Kessel Run Millennium Falcon (75212). What is unique is the box that’s designed and shaped like a VHS box with line art instead of photorealistic scene. Collectors of boxed sets would certainly want to have this in their collection simply for the uniqueness of that old-school look.

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High speed chase through the gritty streets of Corellia

Going in to see Solo: A Star Wars Story with managed expectations, I loved this movie! And the speeder sets for Han Solo and Moloch released in the first wave were some of the best speeders to come out of the franchise, in my opinion. Apparently, h2brick is also a big fan, having built this great street scene featuring Han and Qi’ra careening along pursued by a patrol speeder. There are a lot of nice details throughout this dark gray scene, including a few toppled containers spilling something unhealthy onto the street, and plenty of discarded debris.

Speeder Chase on Corellia

Solo: A Star Wars Story – LEGO sets vs. the movie [Spoiler Review]

Solo: A Star Wars Story opens in theaters today, but if you’re like many of us here at The Brothers Brick, you already saw it yesterday evening at an opening night event. With the movie now in theaters, we’re taking a look back at our reviews of the LEGO Star Wars sets that accompany the movie, comparing them with the real characters and vehicles.

Solo Movie LEGO Comparisons

Obviously, the nature of this follow-up analysis is that it will be full of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, by all means go out and do that — it’s not a perfect movie, but it’s certainly a fun adventure in the broader Star Wars universe — before coming back and reading this.

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LEGO Star Wars 75211 Imperial TIE Fighter from Solo: A Star Wars Story [Review]

From 7146 TIE Fighter back in 2001 through 75101 First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter in 2015, the iconic Imperial starfighter has evolved significantly. The latest incarnation in nearly two decades is 75211 Imperial TIE Fighter released to support the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story in May. This latest TIE Fighter set includes 519 pieces and 4 minifigs, and retails for $69.99.

Let’s dig in to find out how this latest TIE stacks up against its predecessors — the 2015 LEGO TIE Fighter from The Force Awakens in particular. Minifigures may reveal SPOILERS ahead of the movie’s release, so you’ve been warned!

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LEGO Star Wars 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon from Solo: A Star Wars Story [Review]

The largest set in the first wave of LEGO Star Wars sets from Solo: A Star Wars Story is 75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon at 1,414 pieces for $169.99. The set depicts an earlier incarnation of Han Solo’s iconic freighter, long before he made extensive modifications and upgrades to it in the years leading up to its appearance in A New Hope.

Other than the color, what’s unique about this LEGO version, and how is it different from 75105 Millennium Falcon from The Force Awakens released barely two and a half years ago? Let’s dig in and find out…

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LEGO Star Wars 75209 Han Solo’s Landspeeder from Solo: A Star Wars Story [Review]

The LEGO Star Wars sets from Solo: A Star Wars Story officially hit shelves on Friday, though we were able to bring you a couple early reviews with 75210 Moloch’s Landspeeder and 75207 Imperial Patrol Battle Pack. One of the smallest sets to include the titular hero is 75209 Han Solo’s Landspeeder, which retails for $29.99 in the US. The set includes 345 pieces and two minifigs.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story LEGO sets available now [News]

We still have about a month and a half to wait for Solo: A Star Wars Story, but thankfully, the first wave of sets are available now from The Lego Shop to help tide us over. We’ve brought you early looks at some of these set, and keep an eye out for other reviews in the future!

75212 Kessel Run Millennium Falcon – 1414 pieces, $169.99

75210 Moloch’s Landspeeder – 464 pieces, $39.99

Review by The Brothers Brick

Check out the newest sets and explore our reviews below.

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LEGO BrickHeadz from Solo: A Star Wars Story — 41608 & 41609 Han Solo & Chewbacca [Review]

Adorably cute or cringingly ugly—no matter your position on LEGO’s BrickHeadz characters, there’s no denying they’ve struck a chord with a great many fans. Since the first BrickHeadz characters a few years ago, LEGO has rapidly expanded the cast of blocky brick-built figures. They’ve even just released a kit allowing you to fully customize your own—41597 Go Brick Me. But like nearly all the previous sets, the latest lineup mostly features characters from major franchises. And although Star Wars is arguably the biggest franchise of them all, the characters we’re looking at today hail from an offshoot: Solo: A Star Wars Story, which opens May 25. 41608 Han Solo and 41609 Chewbacca have 141 and 149 pieces respectively, and each retails for $9.99 USD, and are available now.

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LEGO Imperial Patrol Battle Pack 75207 from Solo: A Star Wars Story [Review]

We continue our early look at the upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets from Solo: A Star Wars Story, following our review of 75210 Moloch’s Landspeeder. Each new Star Wars movie spawns another batch of characters, including stormtrooper variants that generate another batch of Battle Pack sets. Solo is no different, with “>75207 Imperial Patrol Battle Pack. The set includes four minifigures with 99 pieces and will retail on April 20th for $14.99.

Despite the official release date a couple weeks away, many brick-and-mortar retailers have begun stocking the sets on their shelves, and they’re also showing up from reputable online sellers. As with the previous LEGO Star Wars Solo set review, it’s unlikely that a LEGO set released ahead of the movie will contain spoilers, but without seeing the film or having reference books in hand yet, our speculation may cause unintentional spoilers for you.

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LEGO 75210 Moloch’s Landspeeder from Solo: A Star Wars Story [Review]

Despite an official release date on April 20, LEGO Star Wars sets from Solo: A Star Wars Story are beginning to hit store shelves all over the world, and we’ve picked up copies of several of the sets so you can get a first look at these upcoming sets. 75210 Moloch’s Landspeeder will retail for $39.99 and includes 464 pieces with two minifigures and a pair of white Corellian hounds.

With the movie release nearly two months away, the sets released ahead of the film tend not to have much in the way of spoilers, but if you’re assiduously avoiding even the names of characters on LEGO boxes, this will serve as your mild spoiler warning.

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