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How do you get down from a Bantha? Keep reading and find out!

Ah, the bantha. In Star Wars lore, these giant horned beasts serve as steeds and companions to the bandage-fetishist Tusken Raiders. In the film, they were portrayed by an elephant named Mardji in a giant costume. Not sure why I bring that up, other than to mention that wow, that’s a lot of hair. In related news, Andrew Miller has created a LEGO version of a bantha that somehow transforms plastic elements into the best representation of matted fur that I’ve ever seen.

Custom Bantha

The effect is created by a skillful combination of curved slope, claws, horns, and even modified plate rock. The legs get their textured look thanks to the inclusion of ridged 2×2 round brick. The use of all the various shades of brown in the LEGO color palete also helps to sell the effect.

But despite the apparent need for a bath, this minifigure scaled beast is still just adorable. I’d love to see this level of detail show up the next time LEGO includes a bantha in a released set.

Oh. And how do you get down from a bantha? You don’t. You get down from a goose. Silly of you to even ask.

Millennium Falcon concept smuggles its way into our hearts

Based off of Star Wars: The Art of Solo Andrew Miller’s slick Millenium Falcon variant zooms straight out of hyperspace and into LEGO. I have to admit I’m a huge sucker for concept art, and I hold a special affinity for any bit of Star Wars-that-could-have-been.

Custom Solo Millennium Falcon ship, alternate build

This black-and-grey version has very few similarities to the white-and-blue edition we got in Solo: A Star Wars Story (and as the Kessel Run Falcon LEGO set.) The small black winglets on either side of the hull are interesting, and I especially like the souped up engine cowling and much longer prow. The builder even worked in an removable escape pod not unlike what we got in the movie. I suppose explaining how this Falcon became the piece of junk we all originally met in A New Hope would have been just a tad more difficult.

Check out the art this is based on: