Properly scaled speeders from Solo: A Star Wars Story

Sometimes, the scale of official LEGO Star Wars sets presents a challenge for builders who want to create elaborate scenes to incorporate them into. Microfighters can help in this situation unless you are not a fan of the cute and chunky vehicles in proportion to their minifig pilots. One solution is to do what Brick Ninja did, and re-design the official sets to better match mini-fig scale.

This custom version of Han Solo’s stolen M-86 speeder may have fewer play features and a bit less detail, but it matches the dimensions of the movie vehicle perfectly, and still fits Han and Q’ira side by side.

M-86 Landspeeder

Moloch’s A-A4B speeder scales down with quite a bit of the detail shared with the official LEGO set, and still manages to include several key play working features like the cage for the Corellian hounds and the rollbar over Moloch’s cockpit.

Moloch's A-A4B Lanspeeder.

Which version do you prefer? these custom creations, or the official LEGO sets? For comparison, check out our full review of the official LEGO sets from Solo: A Star Wars Story

5 comments on “Properly scaled speeders from Solo: A Star Wars Story

  1. chuckschwa

    I suppose if the two speeders had been scaled down they could have been packaged as one set. I honestly didn’t notice the scaling comparison between the set and film. Hopefully we get a remake of the Coruscant chase from AOTC that doesn’t split the two cars up like this one did.

  2. Solo

    I don´t think that those scaled-down versions are better. The official model matches the dimensions of the speeder much more accurate. This is too small.

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