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Ready to race? This speeder from the Mandalorian sure is!

Jared Reisweber has created this fascinating model based on Cobb Vanth’s speeder as featured in The Mandalorian Tv series. The vehicle has an interesting design as it is made out of a podracer engine with the addition of a seat and controls for the pilot. The technical details such as the odd piping, wires and cables creates the impression that the speeder has been cobbled together out of scraps and spare parts.

Cobb Vanth's Speeder

From the back, there are even more intricacies such as the large wheel which forms the back thruster and the gears which might represent some of the turbines of the engine. The splayed out foot pedals are also a nice touch and demonstrates Jared’s attention to detail throughout the build.

Cobb Vanth's Speeder

This LEGO Star Wars mosaic is far from child’s play

LEGO’s foray into the art world, with its various mosaic sets, has inspired fans to create their own fantastic art. There’s even a Mosaic Maker which allows you to upload your own image and create a custom set. I’ve had friends order a few and they always turn out great. But I think builder Brent Waller invested a lot more thought into this textured mosaic of the Child from the Mandalorian. This absolute work of art was created as a gift for his son’s birthday and I have to say that this guy definitely deserves a Great Dad award. Measuring 1 meter wide by 60 centimeters high, this massive mosaic features tons of different pieces and colors masterfully placed and blended to render a close-up image of Grogu in his floating bassinet. But this portrait also has a secret: the Child and the Mandalorian are hidden within all that greebly goodness. Can you spot them? I’m not giving any hints so good luck!

The Child Mosaic

The mosaics in the LEGO Art sets make use of a pixel approach to create images of Darth Vader, the Hogwarts crest, or even Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe. While this technique is quite effective at rendering plenty of different images, the grid pattern is difficult to break and some sharp diagonal lines aren’t captured well. That’s my opinion as an artist, at least. But Brent Waller’s use of a plethora of pieces allowed him to create sharper lines and textured surfaces. These draw the eye in new ways, almost tricking it into seeing aspects of the cloth, or the shadows in the bassinet, that aren’t really there. A vast array of pieces and colors on such a large canvas also allowed for better resolution in the image. From a distance, this barely even looks like a LEGO creation.

The Child Mosaic

I’m sure Waller, Jr. was excited to see this once it was complete. It would be an amazing addition to any room but if I were him, I would put it right above my desk. I can’t imagine this will end up in the scrap pile any time soon though. This is nerd-family heirloom material so it will surely make its rounds in their home for years to come.

LEGO Star Wars 75319 The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge – Mando gets his signet [Review]

LEGO continues to expand its range of sets based on the Disney+ TV series The Mandalorian, with several LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian sets launching this summer. Joining the previously announced sets, 75319 The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge includes 258 pieces with three minifigures and will retail for US $29.99 | CAN $39.99 | UK £27.99 beginning September 1, with preorders available now.

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

Read our hands-on review of LEGO Star Wars 75319 The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge

LEGO Star Wars unveils 75219 The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge from Season 1 [News]

This morning LEGO took the wraps off a new set based on the hit Disney+ show The Mandalorian via a reveal on StarWars.com. 75219 The Armorer’s Mandalorian Forge will feature the elusive Mandalorian smith and her workshop, along with Paz Vizsla and, of course, the Mandalorian. With 258 pieces, the set will retail for US $29.99 | CAN $39.99 | UK £27.99. It’s available to pre-order now and will be released on Sept. 1. We’ll be bringing you a hands-on review of this set very soon!

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The Mandalorian and some Tusken Raiders encounter the Krayt Dragon

For decades now Tusken Raiders from Star Wars were understood to be desert-dwelling jerks hellbent on harshing everyone’s mellow. However, as we learned in The Mandalorian season two, if you speak their language, if you learn to communicate with them, they have a code of honor and can be cooperative. This stunning LEGO collaboration built by Jonathan Snyder and others (he didn’t specify who) depicts the pivotal scene in which Din Djarin, Cobb Vanth, villagers of Freetown and Tusken Raiders hatch a plan to slay a fearsom krayt dragon. The cavern and highly-textured sandy cliffside are recreated beautifully here. The krayt dragon is also depicted nicely with most of its massive form buried under the sand. I seem to recall the plan involved a sacrificial bantha loaded with explosives though. Oh well. What Jonathan lacks in bantha goo he makes up for in total awesomeness. Click here to see what I mean.

The Krayt Dragon

LEGO 75307 Star Wars Advent Calendar 2021 unveiled featuring Grogu in a Christmas pullover [News]

LEGO has released images of the upcoming Star Wars Advent Calendar for 2021. The theme for this year is heavily related to The Mandalorian featuring Grogu, IG-11 and other characters from the Disney TV Series. The set comes with 335 pieces and will likely be priced at US $39.99 | CAN $49.99 | UK £24.99

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3 new LEGO Star Wars sets from The Mandalorian for summer 2021 unveiled [News]

Today LEGO unveiled three new Star Wars sets. The sets feature characters and vehicles from the popular Disney+ series The Mandalorian. All three sets will be available to purchase globally on August 1. There were also two more LEGO Star Wars sets from The Clone Wars revealed at the beginning of June based on the animated series.

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The ragtag bounty hunters of The Mandalorian

If you grew up watching Star Wars, chances are good you had a favorite bounty hunter. Maybe that was Boba Fett, or maybe it was Greedo (just kidding) but there’s no denying that one stood out from the pack: IG-88. We haven’t gotten to see IG-88 on-screen since The Empire Strikes Back, but fellow assassin droid IG-11 played a fan-favorite role in The Mandalorian, and this LEGO version by NS Brick Designs is perfect. Complete with a speeder bike, this IG-11 is in a large scale that allows it to have plenty of details, including a baby Grogu strapped to the front.

Of course, you can’t make awesome characters from The Mandalorian and not make the titular character, so NS Brick Designs has also built the intrepid hero along with another version of Grogu with his pod. There are lots of nifty designs here, but I particularly like the touch of the cloth capes around the Mandalorian’s neck, which originally hail from Harry Potter Dementors.

Everybody gangsta till the TIE Fighter’s wings fold up

Moff Gideon does not simply fly a boring TIE Fighter. Rather, he is a man of class and mysterious wealth and is special enough to have his own personal spacecraft. When he arrives at the scene flanked by his stormtrooper army, there is no escape for Rebel scum… Michał Kozłowski built the TIE variant seen in The Mandalorian, known as the Outland TIE Fighter flown by Moff Gideon.

Outland TIE Fighter MOC

While not completely bespoke to the cold and calculating Moff, this craft has a unique folding wings feature. As Michał demonstrates in his YouTube video, the wings fold easily but can also stay upright when in flight mode without wobble. He achieves this by having lightsaber blades inside several Technic pins to create the necessary friction to be stable.

Outland TIE Fighter MOC

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Two great Star Wars ships for all your bounty hunting needs

Whether you need to chase down two-bit scoundrels who owe money or tool around the galaxy with your foster kid in the Star Wars equivalent of a ’96 Nissan Stanza, you’re going to need the right equipment. First, you need a cool outfit, preferably one you’ll wear your entire life, even if you put on a few post-Sarlaac pounds. Next, you’ll need a bucket on your head and a credo about not talking much and never showing your face except during some mushy parts. Lastly, you’re going to need a sweet spaceship and that’s where LEGO builder Tim Goddard comes in. Here we see Boba Fett and his Slave I as well as “Mando” from The Mandolorian with his Razor Crest. Tim makes excellent use of both old and new gray bits for that lived-in mottled effect.

Now with minifig stands

We’ve featured Tim’s Razor Crest before but with the added stands and posed next to his new Slave I, we couldn’t resist bringing it out again for an encore performance.

A narrow miss with this LEGO Mandalorian vs Krayt Dragon

One of the main appeals of Star Wars is its homage to classic genres like serialised westerns, samurai movies, and Arthurian legends. The Mandalorian presents that very well, with the titular character being a rugged gunslinger with a heart of gold helping various people in each episode. Thomas Jenkins captures one instance during one of his visits to Tatooine where he helps defeat a massive Krayt Dragon. Presented in a simple way: the Dragon bursting out of the sand, and the Mandalorian escaping its jaws.

Trouble on Tatooine

The Krayt Dragon is complex in its angles and techniques, but captures the organic shape of a reptilian head. The floating sand and rubble is a nice addition and conveys a sense of motion from the rising beast. But the way Thomas got the Mandalorian to float is just ingenious. Using skeleton and droid arms to create columns of smoke from the minifig that is firmly attached to the rest of the build. Just like that, these few elements capture a simple moment. In a way, it is quite minimalistic, with very little need for anything else.

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Build your very own LEGO Grogu’s levitating bassinet from The Mandalorian [Instructions]

Okay, granted, it won’t be actually levitating, but if you’ve already secured one of these tiny cute little Grogu baby-figs, this bassinet may be something that you’d want to add to your display or custom creation scene and we have builder Vostroyan to thank them for. If you’re figuring out where can you get the tiny Grogu figure – it is only available in the 75292 Razor Crest or the more affordable 75299 Trouble on Tatooine set.

The Child's bassinet from The Mandalorian

Click to see the full instructions and parts list