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One of ours, out of the main hangar

If you take a stroll through my post history, you’ll see that two things I love are Star Wars and microscale. So Eli Willsea hits out of the park, in my book, combining the two for his Theed Hanger. Zeroing in on N-1 Starfighter, you’ll see that nifty parts usage abounds.

Theed Hangar

Whether it’s the blades as the front fuselage, the paint cans, the switch track throw, and minifigure hands as engines, or the simple silver cupcake icing swirl as an astromech droid, this ship is ready to leave the hanger. A hanger, which contrasting the minute detail of the fighter, stays true to the large and blockyness of Theed. But as simple as the structure might appear, it is also rife with neat ways of using pieces, such as the old school wheels as the top and bottom of the columns.

Sleek yellow starfighter once flown by Anakin

The Nubian N-1 starfighter seen in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace wasn’t the only yellow starfighter that Anakin ever flew, but it was the first. In this model by Kit Bricksto there are a few nice details worth pointing out. First, there is the subtly angled area between the main fuselage and the wings, which matches up quite nicely with the canopy. Cheese slopes are used to create a near-circular engine, a very close match to the on-screen inspiration. Lastly, the shaping of the pointed rear of the craft is a great alternative to more common large sloped parts.

Naboo N-1 Update