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Paz Vizsla’s last stand against a bunch of red space-guys!

Here at The Brothers Brick, we know that whenever we feature a LEGO creation by KevFett2011 the TBB headquarters hot tub bill gets paid. You just keyword Star Wars or The Mandalorian and suddenly we’re making it rain over here! Or something. I don’t know how the internet works, really. “Stick to the colorful metaphors, Lino, and let us worry about the rest”, they said. We’re all a bunch of Star Wars nerds, so we’d feature this stuff regardless of the nitty-gritty. For those not as nerd-core as we are, Paz Viszla was the big, stocky Mandalorian who seemed invincible but ultimately succumbed to the might of Moff Gideon’s Praetorian Guards. Kev captured that scene nicely with this diorama. Nerding out over fantastic Star Wars scenes is pretty much what Kev does. Check out our KevFett2011 archives to see what I mean. And for the love of god, someone please build us a MrBeast diorama. This ocelot fur coat isn’t going to pay for itself!

LEGO Star Wars THE MANDALORIAN season 3 - Vizsla's last stand MOC by KevFett2011

Your mando coverage of Mando on Mandalore

I’m pretty sure we’re contractually obligated to feature LEGO creations from The Mandalorian every once in a while. I think it staves off a Mythosaur rampage or something. Thankfully, the aptly-named KevFett2011 is consistently willing to oblige us. This time we’re taken to Madalore where our hero needs to atone for taking off his helmet too many times during all the mushy scenes. Seems from now on we ain’t seeing Din Djarin’s beautiful, beautiful face anymore unless you tune in to that other channel where he’s fighting mushroom people. I’m digging Kev’s rugged Mandalore trinitite-strewn terrain and the added third foot on R5-D4 is a nice touch. I never get tired of seeing Mando’s hot-rodded N-1, either. Do you love The Mandalorian as much as we do? Then click the little blue link for more Mando goodness. This is the way.

LEGO Star Wars THE MANDALORIAN Season 3 - The mines of Mandalore MOC by KevFett2011

See you, space elephant

Ah, Banthas. Glorious space creatures. Portrayed by elephants during the filming of Star Wars (1977) they serve as mounts for the fearsome Tusken Raiders, natives of Tatooine. And now they are ridden by a certain helmeted fan-favourite character, minus the helmet (and the character that never was.) This small desert diorama by KevFett2011 (no relation) showcases a scene from the first episode of new Star Wars series The Book of Boba Fett.

LEGO STAR WARS The book of Boba Fett: Chapter 1- Prisoner of the Tusken Raiders

Click to read more about this build (includes spoilers for The Book of Boba Fett)

Gamorrean smackdown – no place for a child.

First off to start, this LEGO vignette from the hit series The Mandalorian built by Kevin is a spoiler-free scene since it appeared in the promotional trailer for the second season. Unsurprisingly the show is continuing to crank out inspiration for LEGO builders and vignette creators.

A WWE or UFC inspired setting with two Gamorreans duking it out to presumably the death is shown both on the screen and in Kevin’s model. Long poles connected to 1×1 jumpers secure the ring, comprised of tiling and bricks laid on top of more tiling and plate pieces of varying shapes and sizes. Above the ring are some flags utilizing many different elements such as clip pieces, slopes, and tiles. Of course, this vignette is minifigure heavy. It showcases Kevin’s wonderful collection of Star Wars alien species minifigures, including the fighting Gamorreans, a Twi-lek, a Gran, a Mon Calamari, and an Ithorian, to name a few. As a whole, Kevin’s scene certainly captures this moment in the streaming series very well with its sense of crowdedness and recreation of event lighting.

The Mandalorian Mudhorn Showdown

With new LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian goodies finally making their way to store shelves this season, scenes from the popular streaming series are becoming easier to recreate. Builder Kevin on the other hand recreates an iconic and perhaps more difficult scene to remake out of some unusual LEGO elements.

Star Wars THE MANDALORIAN - The Mudhorn

While Kevin renders the terrain of the planet Arvala-7 pretty simply using plates and tiles, the most eye-catching components of this build are the creatures included; the Mudhorn as well as the child. The body of the mudhorn can be broken down into two segments: the brick-built head and the rest of the body which creatively makes use of the LEGO mammoth element. The most striking parts utilized in the mudhorn head build would be the 1×1 round tiles with eye prints and the grey claw shaft used for the horn.

Read on to see the brilliant model of The Child in more detail

Showdown with the Mandalorian

Do not self destruct! This diorama featuring the climactic battle from Chapter 1 of The Mandalorian deserves never to be taken apart. “Outpost on Arvala-7” is built by none other than KevFett2011 — one of the most accomplished LEGO builders in the world, who has returned with this stunning model of The Mandalorian and IG-11 closing in on their bounty.

Star Wars THE MANDALORIAN - Outpost on Arvala-7

In a way, this build is incredibly simple: There are only four colors used in the hut, well and landscape. Deciding what color palette to use in a highly-detailed scene can be frustrating, but here KevFett utilizes the saying “less is more”.

Star Wars THE MANDALORIAN - Outpost on Arvala-7

Another aspect of the build that I like is the roughness of everything. There are hardly any smooth surfaces, which makes sense on a harsh desert world like Arvala-7. Slopes, studs, and angular pieces help illustrate the idea that the pair of bounty hunters are not welcome here, and that they’ll have to fight their way to their goal.

Darkness rises and light to meet it

We’re currently a month and half away from the final installment in the Skywalker saga, (not that anyone at The Brothers Brick is counting). At this point, everything we know about it is from the toys, trailers and promotional images, but that can’t stop eager LEGO builders from making creations based on the movie. Following some brilliant recreations of scenes in other recent Star Wars movies, KevFett2011 has recreated what I’m sure will be a memorable and iconic scene from the next film. Potential spoilers ahead if you’re avoiding the trailers and/or our speculation turns out to be correct.

Star Wars Episode IX - TROS : Crashed Emperor's throne room

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