Showdown with the Mandalorian

Do not self destruct! This diorama featuring the climactic battle from Chapter 1 of The Mandalorian deserves never to be taken apart. “Outpost on Arvala-7” is built by none other than KevFett2011 — one of the most accomplished LEGO builders in the world, who has returned with this stunning model of The Mandalorian and IG-11 closing in on their bounty.

Star Wars THE MANDALORIAN - Outpost on Arvala-7

In a way, this build is incredibly simple: There are only four colors used in the hut, well and landscape. Deciding what color palette to use in a highly-detailed scene can be frustrating, but here KevFett utilizes the saying “less is more”.

Star Wars THE MANDALORIAN - Outpost on Arvala-7

Another aspect of the build that I like is the roughness of everything. There are hardly any smooth surfaces, which makes sense on a harsh desert world like Arvala-7. Slopes, studs, and angular pieces help illustrate the idea that the pair of bounty hunters are not welcome here, and that they’ll have to fight their way to their goal.

3 comments on “Showdown with the Mandalorian

  1. Fredko

    I just can’t figure out what is the part used at the top of IG-11 head ? Does anyone know which lego piece it can be? Thank you.

  2. R

    I can’t consider this a build considering that there are the loose 1x2x1 slope parts surrounding the circular structure in the foreground. C’mon, they’re just sitting not attached to anything. That’s not a building technique.

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