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Antonov An 225 confirmed for landing

Sometimes we get so caught up with focusing on what complicated LEGO techniques and original ideas our next build will have, that we forget the most important things, like building something that simply looks good. And “simply” is the key word here. Jussi Koskinen‘s sunset landing and all its main components are mostly simple in their design, but come together as a breathtaking picture.

Antonov An 225 Sunset landing

The landscaping is very nice, with different layers creating a forced perspective, which is really solidified by the frontmost layer. The plane has some really clever solutions, especially the inverted convex tiles (boat studs) to make the wingtips as elegant as possible. The real magic is in the lighting though, setting the serene evening feeling of coming back home from a business trip or a vacation.

A day in the desert

Hot summer days are still a few months away in the northern hemisphere and we all could use a little bit of warmth. Why not take a stroll in the desert with Palixa and the Bricks? She has created a very delicate oriental building and garnished the simple background with a few palm trees. The result is a very calming day in the desert…

Desert Oasis

The turquois dome, golden details, decorated tiles, and the complexity of the structure adds a lot to this creation. The load on the camel also fits perfectly into the scene. Join us to find a new oasis!