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A glimpse of the traveler’s journey through Middle Earth

From the LEGO builder Caleb Huet, we have a diorama titled ‘The Traveler.’ It’s a safe assumption that this scene intends to transport our imagination to somewhere in Middle Earth. Inspired by Jordi Escamilla’s ‘Waterfall,’ the builder has transformed inspiration from 2D art into the third dimension. Intricately crafted rockwork, lifelike tree builds, and mesmerizing water effects cover the piece, with each element of this diorama standing as a testament to the builder’s creativity and skill. Together, they create a scene that leaves us marveling at the potential of simple plastic elements to evoke such depth and beauty.

The Traveler

Have a closer look at the carriage centered over the bridge, and note the build techniques utilized in the bridge itself. Partially-connected bricks form the underside arch spanning between abutments in a great bit of brick ingenuity. The world of LEGO creations has been enriched by the vast and captivating content of The Lord of the Rings, so be sure check out some of the other LotR creations featured on TBB.


Build small, think big

Since being introduced with the LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 2 back in 2010, the so-called trophy figure has been a boon for microscale and nanoscale builders. Sometimes this means creations at a truly colossal scale (relatively speaking), but Caleb Huet shows us that smaller, more introspective builds can be just as good. In this case, our nano-fig is walking through the desert. I’m not sure whether this takes place in the past or future though. At first, I thought the setting was some Egyptian ruins, but with the markings on the floor I’m not so sure. Did the Egyptians have floor lighting? That seems something more in line with extra-terrestrial civilisations. But the pyramids… What if the ancient Egyptians had help with their superstructures? Did the aliens take the floor lighting back with them? Is our intrepid nano-fig having the same epiphany?

The Desert

See, small builds really make you think. Even if they’re not particularly sensible thoughts.

Hobbit-sized Bag End is a micro masterpiece

So admittedly, I’ve got a bit of a thing for LEGO trophies — those small builds organizers hand out when you win a category in events like online contests and LEGO conventions. I love the design decisions that have to be made when you’ve only got a tiny patch of real estate to work with. So I’m absolutely gaga for this tiny Bag End trophy by builder Caleb Huet! His use of the smallest green curves to shape the hill is excellent. The details on the front, including the use of snowflake tiles for windows and brown horns for the trim, are such an accomplishment with so few pieces. And the iconic round green door makes this microscale marvel instantly recognizable without any minifigs or title cards. And that’s not even mentioning all the organic shaping that went into the tiniest topiary atop the hut. Whoever wins this model in the Middle Earth LEGO Olympics is a lucky LEGO builder!

MELO 2022 Prize #2: Bag End