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Soaring over Arrakis with House Atreides: Dune’s Ornithopter in LEGO

Denis Villeneuve’s Dune has quickly become a hit amongst fans and critics. The cinematography and soundtrack balance perfectly with the classic narrative to deliver a knock-out blockbuster that will last the ages. Much like Star Wars, Star Trek, and others, Dune features a plethora of cultures, planets, and religions. For me and other fans of LEGO, though, it’s the spacecraft and vehicles that really round it all out. The Ornithopters of Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic have been a challenge for past projects but Denis Villeneuve’s design team produced a craft that will surely become iconic. When I saw this Ornithopter by TBB alumn Simon Liu, I had to know more. I talked with Simon about avoiding spoilers prior to opening night, his immediate need to build this beauty, and the challenges he faced with its final design.

The Ornithopter

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We are Wanderers of the Void

In a LEGO world of massive spaceships and castles, sometimes it’s the simpler things that really draw your attention.Take these Wanderers of the Void, for instance. They were built by someone who goes by the name of VelociJACKtor. I’m equal parts flummoxed, intrigued, weirded out and awestruck, which is pretty good for such a simple LEGO creation. Who are they? What void do they wander? Are there any others like them? Did they do all that wandering in those shoes? This pair generates more questions than answers. But that pretty much makes them the most intriguing things I’ve seen all day. What do you all think?

Wanderers of the Void