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LEGO Dune navigator floating in a tank of spice

The Guild navigator is one of the most interesting and mysterious characters from the Dune novels. Mutated beyond human form by massive ammounts of spice, they float in huge tanks filled with spice gas. Tino Poutiainen has captured the navigator in LEGO using a variety of curved creature parts for spindly arms and legs, while the grossly oversized head is covered in bulging domes and blue-within-blue eyes. But my favorite part is the hot-dog bun used for the navigator’s mouth. The tank is flanked by two guildsmen who were inspired by the costume designs from the recent movie.

Guild Navigator

Women fear me and my oversized fishing hat

This LEGO creation by Tino Poutiainen reminds me of those model kits of yore; The Visible Man, The Visible Woman, The Visible Horse, etcetera. They even had, I found out just now, a Visible Trout similar to this one that showcases all the squishy bits you’d rather not think about while enjoying some fish and chips. Apparently, you have to sell a major organ to get your hands on these retro kits nowadays! I went on to read Tino’s write-up and he said “Women Fear Me, Fish Fear Me, Men Turn Their Eyes Away From Me, As I Walk No Beast Dares Make A Sound, In My Presence I Am Alone On This Barren Earth.” Then I was like; what the heck? Of course, I Googled it and it used to merely be a meme of an oversized fishing hat with that scripture on it but now you can buy it for real. This leaves me with a difficult choice; either save up for one of those old model kits or profess my awesomeness with an oversized fishing hat. Difficult choice, indeed!

Diner and a dinner

A platypus? A... LEGO platypus?

*gasp* PERRY the LEGO platypus?! That’s right, the intrepid Agent P and his erstwhile nemesis Dr. Doofenshmirtz are the subject of Tino Poutiainen‘s latest build. The devious doctor’s latest scheme is taking aim at the LEGO Character and Creature Building System (CCBS) line! This machine, dubbed the Systeminator, will reduce all your glorious Bionicle and Hero Factory pieces to mere studs. Poor Perry here is the first victim. Is this how Tino is planning to eliminate the competition in the 2023 Bio-Cup, for which this is built? Is that even legal? I’m not sure the regulations accounted for this eventuality. Can we get a ruling on this? Like, quickly? Perry’s in danger!


Adding a splash of colour to the Star Wars universe

We don’t just feature LEGO builds here on TBB because they’re cool, you know. Well OK, that’s partly why. But equally, we hope that sharing builds like Tino Poutiainen‘s here can inspire fellow enthusiasts (or those new to the hobby!) to pick up their bricks. Case in point: yours truly, after seeing Tino’s awesome take on the Vulture Droid from Star Wars! This particular creation takes the Separatist starfighter and turns it into something that would not look out of place in a manga, or even Maschinen Krieger. The Technic panels on the legs are what drew my attention; I don’t think I’ve ever seen them used for a Vulture Droid, even though they look like a near-perfect fit. Now excuse me while I go and rifle through my parts bins – Tino has given me an idea…

Vulture V2

The nest laid plans often go astray

LEGO builder Tino Poutiainen presents this piece he simply calls “Nest” and now we have more questions than answers. Like what’s with all that battle-mech rubble? Why did this happen? Who are those strange lantern-headed beings? Should I be concerned? Maybe it’s because it just came out and I’ve been watching the hell out of it but I’m getting a strong The Last of Us vibe here. Whatever these beings are doing, you get the sense that nothing has gone right in this world for quite some time. Tino proves nicely that something can be both beautiful and unsettling. This wouldn’t be this builder’s first time dealing with these beings nor would it be his first foray into presenting wild and wonderful alien landscapes. Check out our Tino Poutiainen archives to see what I mean.


Looking to the past for inspiration in the future

Tino Poutiainen has drawn inspiration from the world of racing motorcycles for his latest LEGO creation. He says the all-conquering Honda NSR500 was the inspiration for the bike, and there’s certainly a resemblance. That is to say, it looks awesome!

Agent V

There’s some very nifty parts use within. The front wheel is held in by a technic disc itself fitted into a basketball hoop, which frankly looks made for this purpose. The minifigure pulley brake lever is cool too. Although the original motorcycle was conceived in the 1980s, Tino has updated it for a slightly more futuristic age, perfectly illustrated by the figure stood next to it. Presumably this is what stylish motorcycle leathers will look like in a few decades’ time. I hope there’s a helmet just out of shot, or in that briefcase. Even the future is no excuse not to be road-safe!

Micro Nausicaä glides over a LEGO Sea of Corruption

I don’t think there are enough words to describe my love of the Studio Ghibli movie Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. And the same can be said for this gorgeous LEGO build by Tino Poutiainen. The vibrant coloration of all the virulent fungi fits in perfectly with the aesthetic from the film, giving off that strong “poison arrow frog” vibe. Heavy use of round disks and plates, combined with more texturally complex parts create enough nooks and crannies to trigger some serious trypophobia. The skull of a long-dead God Warrior, resting atop the pile of fungi, is spot on. I especially like the use of old and new LEGO shades of gray to add some wear to the husk. But the icing on the cake here is the micro Nausicaä herself, soaring above on her mehve. Using under ten parts, it’s a shining jewel in an already brilliant crown.

The Sea of Corruption

Walk softly and carry a big... utility pole

If you can imagine a more frightening sight wandering the wastelands of the apocalypse cleaning up survivors and parading around with their skulls swinging from its weapon, please, keep it to yourself. LEGO builder Tino Poutiainen had brought this sulking, multi-eyed monster mech to life. It reminds me a bit of the alien mech from District 9. The long gangly arms that end in large fists and the chunky lower legs add to the unnerving effect, not to mention the deadly daisy chain of skulls adorning his staff.

Elder Sentinel

Your package has been shipped and will be delivered by one of our dogs on a hover bike

As you eagerly anticipate the arrival of your Bionicle Krana masks, this might not be the delivery person you expect! Tino Poutiainen has constructed this inventive looking build where a dog on a hoverbike zips through the air with a rabbit in tow. The rabbit desperately clings onto the parcel shelf which is represented by an old card holder piece. The dog has an adorable expression with its puffed-out cheeks and lolling tongue. There are also quite a few interesting printed studs and stickers used on the bike, such as an Exo-Force sticker at the front of the vehicle.

Special Delivery

These Studio Ghibli characters look fantastic in brick form

Tino Poutianen has built this fabulous creation, based on characters from the anime film, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. In the build of the ostrich-like bird, named Kai, claw parts have been used to create sprouting tail feathers of the bird. The lanky, tall proportions of the creature are perfectly captured through the use of long plant pot pieces at the legs. The ancient swordsman, Lord Yupa, has a cleverly constructed cloak over his arm with even a croissant piece used for his moustache. Tino has been able to portray the bulbous proportions of Yupa’s costume through a variety of rounded pieces while conveying the mysterious aesthetic of the famous warrior.

Kai and Yupa

And we’re off to the races...

I don’t know a lot about the Aerogee 3000 built by Tino Poutianen, but I suspect it’s fast. Very fast. And also made out of LEGO brick. A rare combo! Part of the unique look comes from the fact that this is larger than minifigure-scaled. That helmet is from the classic Technic racer figures, the larger size making the curved panels and other elements feel just a bit more compact than you’d get with a traditional minifigure. Those curves and the three in-line wheels remind me of vehicles from the Thunderbirds show crossed with Speed Racer – certainly nothing to complain about. Yes indeed, this is one sweet ride.

Aerogee 3000

If you’re looking for other speedy concepts, check out our racers tag!

Mobile Suit Gundam: Cardboard’s Counterattack

It’s the day before a convention and you’ve got no costume. What do you do? All that’s in your room is cardboard boxes, filled with this year’s wave of new LEGO sets. Hmmm, if only there was some way to utilise the cardboard to make a costume…

Perhaps you need some inspiration from the Cardboard Gundam! This fun build by Tino Poutiainen is presented in a tan colour scheme that works perfectly for the model. The eyes are represented by Technic hole bricks and provides the model with a gormless expression. Even the floppy shield is great as the bend represents a fold in the cardboard. The application of stickers prevents the build from looking too plain and with an interesting selection used, see if you can recognise what sets the stickers are from. Armed with what appears to be a NERF gun and cardboard tube beam saber on its back, this must truly be the most powerful Gundam.

Cardboard Gundam

So, there you have it. How’s your costume looking now? What’s that? You spent all night building those LEGO sets instead? Good choice.