Women fear me and my oversized fishing hat

This LEGO creation by Tino Poutiainen reminds me of those model kits of yore; The Visible Man, The Visible Woman, The Visible Horse, etcetera. They even had, I found out just now, a Visible Trout similar to this one that showcases all the squishy bits you’d rather not think about while enjoying some fish and chips. Apparently, you have to sell a major organ to get your hands on these retro kits nowadays! I went on to read Tino’s write-up and he said “Women Fear Me, Fish Fear Me, Men Turn Their Eyes Away From Me, As I Walk No Beast Dares Make A Sound, In My Presence I Am Alone On This Barren Earth.” Then I was like; what the heck? Of course, I Googled it and it used to merely be a meme of an oversized fishing hat with that scripture on it but now you can buy it for real. This leaves me with a difficult choice; either save up for one of those old model kits or profess my awesomeness with an oversized fishing hat. Difficult choice, indeed!

Diner and a dinner