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Something fishy going on

Piranha fish have something of an undeserved bad reputation. But this unfortunate creature, built from LEGO by Sebastian Gren, certainly looks like he come off worst in an argument with his fellows. This is a fun model, but it’s well-built too. The bones of the skeleton are perfectly-arranged, with the use of a LEGO fibre-optic cable to provide a flexible spine, and the face has plenty of ugly piranha character. The presentation helps as well — the simple base, with its touches of greenery, effectively suggests an appropriate river bed base.

Lego piranha

April Fools’ Day build makes a real splash

We should have posted this remarkable brick-built fish by Daniel Stoeffler on April first, but we didn’t sea it until now. Better late than never right? I’m stunned by the life-like nature of this little guy. The exposed LEGO studs make excellent scales and the overall striped patterns and color blocking on the fish’s body and fins are gorgeous. He even has a soft underbelly and whiskers!

But what’s the joke you ask? Well, as Daniel explains it, on April first in France, children play pranks on others by placing paper fish on their backs and then running away shouting “Poisson d’Avril!” I don’t get it either, but it sounds hilarious.

Poisson d'Avril