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This Niffler is cute as a button, a golden button that is

We’ve featured quite a few LEGO Fantastic Beast creations over at TBB and this Niffler by Jannis Mavrostomos really does deserve a feature. The greedy claws of this little critter were used by LEGO on their Dimensions Niffler, so it is nice to see these parts getting repurposed on a better brick build Niffler. The platypus like beak is achieved by merging a snowboard and a plate with tooth which sounds simple, yet it is really effective. What sells this creation to me is the beady eyes. It is cute as a button.

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Tiny Robin Airline

Messing with scale can be extremely satisfying with LEGO. Build Jannis Mavrostomos works some magic once again with this brick-built robin fitted for passengers. The theme of Rescue Rangers and scenes of The Rescuers blend with Thumbelina and The Borrowers for this whimsical build. Climb the precarious stairs and saddle up for a closer look at the clever little details.

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This old school classroom brings back memories.

If you want to build some LEGO furniture, there’s a thing or two to learn from Jannis Mavrostomos, who has constructed a LEGO classroom full of things I remember from my own school days.

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A long, long time ago in Modesto, California a legend was born

I’ll admit a great deal of our bread and butter comes from LEGO Star Wars creations or sets. Or so they tell me. No one handed me any actual bread or butter but I hear it somehow greases the wheels of how this whole The Brothers Brick shindig works and it’s because y’all love Star Wars so much. It all started with George Lucas who inspired two or three generations while also creating Jar-Jar Binks and Watto. No one is perfect. This LEGO bust by Jannis Mavrostomos is pretty perfect, however. The resemblance to the legendary filmmaker is uncanny. The nose, ears, lips, glasses, even the checkered shirt and collar make use of some nifty parts and build techniques. A quick perusal through our archives proves Jannis is an up-and-coming builder we should be on the lookout for.