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Ogle this Oogway

Ozzie Joss Woodyard / Jayfa is ringing in the new year with the venerated sage kung fu master Oogway from the Kung Fu Panda film and TV franchise. Joss’ usual knack for character work shines brightly here as he recreates the tranquil master of the Jade Palace. This guy looks like he could teach a clumsy panda a thing or two! I love the use of the dragon wing cloth as Oogway’s tunic, and well-placed studs on the exposed sand green skin evoke the textured tortoise legs of the original character model from the movie.

Master Oogway

Like what you see? There’s more Kung Fu Panda action to be found in our archives with this sculpted scene from the movie and excellent recreations of Masters Tigress and Crane.

A Master of Tiger Style

If you’re seeking a mastery of Tiger Style Kung Fu, look no further than this poseable Tigress figure by Block Head. The Kung Fu Panda franchise has has done remarkably well over time, spawning three movies, books, a TV series and a cast of unforgettable characters. Tigress is a stand out amongst them by being a strong female figure and leader of the series’ core group of protagonists, The Furious Five.

LEGO Tigress MOC

Block Head’s treatment of this character is top notch. The pose, which utilizes the various sizes of ball joints, portrays a wonderful sense of action and motion. However, the starring role goes to the expressive face. The claw pieces make for great angry eyebrows perched over the cartoony eye tiles and the custom sticker work blends in nicely with the overall model. Tiger Style never looked so good.

Wings of justice... KAKAAAAW!!

Russian builder Fedin has taken a break from building collosal castles to try his hand at character building, with splendid results! Here’s his interpretation of Master Crane from the ever popular TV/movie franchise Kung Fu Panda