In the belly of the bass

Okay, so maybe it’s not a bass – it’s a European perch. But I couldn’t help using the alliteration there. This LEGO recreation of the perch, built by Jannis Mavrostomos, has some nice body-shaping and a good use of parts. But it’s really what’s on the inside (or flipside) that makes this build unique!

When you flip the fish around, you’ll see that Jannis has actually created an epic anatomical replica fit for study! There is so much awesome parts usage here, it has to make you grin! I’m rusty with my fish anatomy, but I’ll try to take a stab. If you look closely you may spy a hat and hotdog used for the heart. A minifigure bag accessory provides shape to part of the liver. Perhaps the droid head (facing backward) is the spleen. Bananas are used as parts of the kidney, stomach, and intestines. The loaf of bread makes for a great reproductive organ, and a sailboat mast is perfect for the spinal column. There’s even a swim bladder in there (grey section)!

Overall, it’s a really cool approach to a LEGO build. Stick around to see some entirely different builds by Jannis, as well as plenty of other exceptional animal creations.