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A build with heart, in more ways than one

We see all sorts of annual building challenges organised by the LEGO community, but right now there’s one being run by the LEGO Group themselves: the #BuildtoGive campaign. The task is to build a heart, tag it with the hashtag, and a LEGO set will be donated to children in need. It can be a simple build with bricks, or it can be as complex as this one by Maxx Davidson! Master Model Builder Maxx has gone to pains to create an anatomically correct human heart. You’ve got the arteries, and, uh… The ventricles, and… Who am I kidding, I’m no cardiologist. Still, I can tell it’s a stunning model for a good cause!

Anatomically correct heart for LEGO’s #BuildToGive campaign

“The foot stud’s connected to the leg tube...”

No bones about it, builder ZiO Chao knows their LEGO anatomy! Their impressive hybrid of System and Technic parts gives us a peek into our innermost core while still providing quite the possible finished model. The cranial crafting here is spot on, with an excellent pair of eye sockets and two dazzling rows of 1×1 plate teeth. And at the opposite end of the model, Mr. Skeleton’s feet are well-crafted. I particularly like the detail of a distinctly larger hallux, or “big toe,” compared to the rest of the foot. And the use of the robot arms for the metatarsals gives each pedal construction the perfect arch on their underside.

Mr. Skeleton

In the belly of the bass

Okay, so maybe it’s not a bass – it’s a European perch. But I couldn’t help using the alliteration there. This LEGO recreation of the perch, built by Jannis Mavrostomos, has some nice body-shaping and a good use of parts. But it’s really what’s on the inside (or flipside) that makes this build unique!

Click to see what the other side looks like!

Can you stomach this?

Of all the things we’ve seen built from LEGO over the years, individual organs have to come near the end of the list. Proving that they are, in fact, on the list though, is this cheery two-dimensional stomach by ForlornEmpire. There’s actually a lot of complex building involved in creating this digestive system, with skillful SNOT-work required to position the various curved slopes making the wavy edges.

I am your Stomach!