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Domes for days in Agrabah

Architecture is great subject matter for micro-scale LEGO models, Jannis Mavrostomos demonstrates this with his brick-built eastern styled mini city reminiscent of Agrabah from the Aladdin films.

Mavrostomos’s tiny city utilizes many commonly found elements, including tiles, 1×2 grilles, 1×1 studs, 1×1 cones, and other small pieces mostly in a tan and reddish-brown color scheme with some green and pearl gold elements. Mavrostomos also cleverly uses some more specialized elements such as the cauldron pieces as well as the ice cream cone with swirl element to render domes and part of a minaret tower. There is even a tan pair of short minfigure legs which serve as a building. Overall, this build is certainly a nice assemblage of small pieces forming a much bigger picture.

The stars align for a classic space nova

Bionicle Day, 8/10 (810nicle), is behind us, and we’re catching up by celebrating some builds that incorporate the popular buildable figure elements from LEGO’s past. Blake Foster found inspiration to use Bionicle elements such as Macku‘s helmet and Hero Factory feet (ball and socket configuration) for the side of the hull. The standard blue LEGO Classic Space hue is an obvious homage to the 1986 LEGO Cosmic Fleet Voyager. Just don’t expect to see Benny fit into this space fighter, because it is micro-scale. After some quick research on novae, I get why Blake Foster named it “Nova Class.” It is akin to nova, the astronomical event where new stars form and explode, shining bright and slowly fading, just as Blake described how the build constantly came apart during its construction. For now, bask in its glow.

Nova Class Heavy Fighter

Behold, the Ancient Temple of Terrus

I love a good micro-build and General 尓àvarre brings on the details in this tiny temple. There is some great parts use here with the upside down picket fences being used for the temple walls. The color variation of the roof is nice and adds to the aged feeling of the building. The photos depth of field with the slightly blurry statue in the background helps give a sense of grand scale to a model that is really only 12 x 12 studs square. Like all of the models I tend to favor, this one has a story although it may not be obvious to the casual viewer. In this case, it’s a story best told by its creator.

In the heights there lies a massive temple complex, with a giant statue of the god Terrus in his four armed form above, and a large temple built as a shrine to him below. The priests continually keep the beacon on the heights burning to let Terrus know that they are still honoring him.

The Ancient Temple of Terrus