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This lander is out of this world, and I hope it stays there

Some spacecraft are friendly, full of friendly space explorers and friendly scientists. And then there’s this craft by Mitsuru Nikaido, which might be friendly, but I don’t trust it. Anything with more than 2 arms can’t be trusted. But I do like a good set of organic-looking lander arms. And that twisted central structure is pretty sweet.


The stars align for a classic space nova

Bionicle Day, 8/10 (810nicle), is behind us, and we’re catching up by celebrating some builds that incorporate the popular buildable figure elements from LEGO’s past. Blake Foster found inspiration to use Bionicle elements such as Macku‘s helmet and Hero Factory feet (ball and socket configuration) for the side of the hull. The standard blue LEGO Classic Space hue is an obvious homage to the 1986 LEGO Cosmic Fleet Voyager. Just don’t expect to see Benny fit into this space fighter, because it is micro-scale. After some quick research on novae, I get why Blake Foster named it “Nova Class.” It is akin to nova, the astronomical event where new stars form and explode, shining bright and slowly fading, just as Blake described how the build constantly came apart during its construction. For now, bask in its glow.

Nova Class Heavy Fighter

To the stars and beyond: my microscale LEGO spacecraft inspired by NASA – part 2

Continuing on my fad of building “hard sci-fi” spaceships that look like they might have been designed by NASA or SpaceX, after completing the Vanguard, I found myself with a handful of leftover modules. So I set about building another ship and employing some of the techniques I’d learned and adding others. Last time my ship had topped out at 89 studs in length, but the I.E.A. Discovery rings in at 120 studs.

Read Part 1 here.

I.E.A. Discovery

One of the main things I wanted change was the color scheme. Although the solid black-and-white motif is very classic NASA, I was trying to build a spaceship of the future, so perhaps a little color was in order. My two chosen highlight colors were sand green and flame yellowish orange (or bright light orange, if you prefer Bricklink’s nomenclature). Both are vibrant and bold, while still capturing the vintage space-race color palette I wanted. Continue reading

Impressively detailed “Ugly Duckling” Long Range Research Vessel is over 4 feet long

Years in the making, Blake Foster presents one of the finest examples of LEGO spacecraft masterwork with the Ugly Duckling Long Range Research Vessel. It’s a rare achievement; it boasts impressive measurements at 168 studs long, 47 studs wide, and 45 studs high (approximately 52.5×14.5×14 inches), yet its size doesn’t prevent Blake from carefully considering every stud on his craft inside and out.

Ugly Duckling Long Range Research Vessel

See more photos of this amazing and huge LEGO spaceship

Heavy Assault Fighter that’s a lean and mean killing machine

I love me a good spacecraft when I see one, and Onkel Ton has some mean LEGO skills indeed. While the additional decals give it a smashing sense of realism, the build structure, shape and greebling stands out on its own to a cinematic worthy quality to it all.


Together with the overall bulk of the ship, the contrast of the reds to the grey really emphasizes the look of a very futuristic military ready craft with heavy artillery.


It’s a K-wing... It’s a Y-wing... It’s a Y-18R Ragnarok Starfighter!

SweStar‘s latest starfighter is so sweet and cool, I don’t not what should I start with — an outstanding cockpit design or amazing textural detailing of the rear part of the ship; it’s just yet another example of the design so perfect, it’s hard to find a single thing to criticise the creation for. The build’s color scheme gives some very nice retro vibes, and I can’t help mentioning the Retro Spaceman as seen in the Series 17 of the Collectible Minifigures. I would love to see this guys piloting the spaceship!

Y-18R Ragnarok Starfighter

And it would be a crime not to share one more picture of the starfighter showing its very cool shape.

Y-18R Ragnarok Starfighter 002

Microscale ISS model is out of this world!

One of the trademarks of a successful microscale model is when it can be mistaken for the real thing at first — or even second — glance! This spectacular microscale model of the International Space Station by Jussi Koskinen is a great example of this. So much attention to detail and photography make this creation really stand out!

International Space Station

More details after the jump

Designed with a single purpose – to destroy Imperial ships

Inthert has put his talent for building outstanding copies of Star Wars spacecrafts to good use with another brilliant model to help the rebels fight the Imperial forces. As the builder comments his own creation, the biggest challenge during the work on this B-wing was the problem with proportions; it’s so easy to ruin the build with just one extra plate or a tile. Fortunately, the result is beyond any compliments.

B-wing (1)

Float like a dragonfly, sting like a viper

We are over halfway through Novvember, but there’s still plenty of time to build a Vic Viper and honour the late Nate “Nnenn” Nielsen. This particular Vic Viper by Andreas Lenander not only depicts a beautifully futuristic craft, but also manages to highlight one of my favourite colours.  The use of Medium Azure really makes this an eye-catching build and those double lateral wings at the rear are definitely sending dragonfly vibes my way.

Dragonfly - vic viper

As always, it’s the little extras that make a build really stand out and in this build the greebled pipes plus the use of hockey sticks on the prongs are fantastic additions.

Though she’s called The Nadir, she looks like the acme

I apologize for my supercilious vocabulary, but Swedish builder o0ger has named his most recent YT Corellian Light Freighter-inspired spacecraft “The Nadir” which, by definition, pretty much means rock-bottom. Either the owner of this ship has very high expectations, or nadir means something else in Swedish, because this ship is quite remarkable, and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be the crown of any space shipping fleet. The integration of the cockpit into the side wing is superb, and there is just the right amount of color throughout.

YT-1450 Light Freighter - "The Nadir"

If you feel inspired by this sublime spacecraft, feel free to check out our contest where you can build the Millennium Falcon herself.

LEGO Cassini Huygens is a dead ringer

The unmanned Cassini-Huygens spacecraft has been in the headlines recently as she sends back “swan song” images of Saturn’s rings after a mission lasting over 19 years. Strictly speaking, only the Cassini orbiter portion continues to travel, as the Huygens lander successfully landed on Saturn’s moon Titan back in 2005. Chilean builder Luis Peña has built a LEGO version of the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft, seen here superimposed over an actual Cassini image. This is a pre-2005 version of the craft with the orange Huygens lander clearly visible, and I love the technique used to build the low gain antenna at the font.

Cassini-Huygens and Saturn

A look at the other side of Luis’ LEGO version shows considerable attention to detail – this is very much a 3d model of Cassini-Huygens. The two 445 Newton engines are depicted using ice cream cone parts, while a pair of Technic gears depict the three radioisotope thermoelectric generators.

Cassini Huygens Spacecraft LEGO Model

Due to a dwindling fuel supply, the spacecraft has entered the Grand Finale phase of its mission before a kamikaze pass through he gap between Saturn and its inner ring, before its intentional self destruction within Saturn’s atmosphere on September 15, 2017.

Pushing the limits of interplanetery design with COSMO Engineering

Volker Brodkorb uses some of the finest techniques for a proper presentation of a new LEGO creation. Not only did he publish some eye-catching pictures of the spacecraft, but also called it a prototype and furnished illustrations with a pretty captivating background story about the COSMO Engineering Corporation and their latest spacecraft. Now I’m simply irritated I can’t read more about COSMO and see more of their vessels! But at least we have this beautiful HyperStar runner featuring some fairly simple, yet so smooth curves.

COSMO Engineering - HyperStar