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A new Red Baron

This red baroness may not prowl the skies, but with that rapier, I know that this LEGO model by Eero Okkonen means business! Eero is an accomplished builder of figures and other structures, and you can check out our past articles on his work here. This baroness duels in style in her cape borrowed from the Chirrut Îmwe constraction figure, while her trans-red skirts were only available in the 2022 set 80035 Monkie Kid’s Galactic Explorer. The Baroness shows off her station with a wealth of golden trinkets on her outfit, but I’d like to draw special attention to the buckles on her cape which – using only two parts – clamp onto the fabric. Would you dare challenge her?

“I’m a simple man making his way through the galaxy. Like my father before me.”

When LEGO came out with the Constraction buildable figures some builders loved them, and some didn’t. They’re certainly cool for what they are but some builders had difficulty using them with their other LEGO sets or finding multiple uses for say, Rey’s head. Pierthviv, on the other hand, is clearly not one of those builders. They’ve had no trouble using the Constraction Boba Fett head for…um…exactly what you’d expect. But still, the similarity ends there because the brick-built body is nothing short (or tall) of amazing. The chest armor, shoulder plates, utility belt, and even his feet are pieced together with unparalleled detail. While I may be one of those dunces scratching my head over how to integrate my Darth Vader chest plate for something other than a Darth Vader chest plate, check out our Constraction archives to see how it’s all done by other more imaginative builders.

Boba Fett

Jabba ruled with fear. I intend to rule with respect.

This LEGO creation by Omar R Ovalle is not the first we’ve seen from The Book of Boba Fett lately. Not by a long shot. Unless you’ve been slowly digesting in a Sarlacс pit these past couple of months you’d know the pivotal series on Disney+ is one of the most talked about streaming shows currently. (You were hot, Bridgerton, but not Boba Fett hot!) Anyway, the point I was trying to make is we’ve seen plenty of Fett stuff but rarely do we see anything in this scale. Omar has taken the official Boba Fett Buildable Figure set but customized it to fit the series in which Boba combines his old armor with garb given to him by Tusken Raiders. Beside him is a very convincing Fennec Shand whom I think (but don’t quote me) is a repurposed Rey figure. The throne in which they sit and the arch behind them is nothing short of brilliant.

Boba & Co.

Connection Terminated

I think I was twelve or thirteen when the Digimon Movie came to America. The power of Omnimon’s line as he saves the world from Diaboromon held so much power to me back then. My younger brothers and I were obsessed, watching it countless times during the summers until our parents came home and forced us outside. I honestly still have the WarGreymon poseable figure that I cherished back then. So seeing builder Kekenoji’s brilliant model of the iconic Omnimon, I just had to write about it. After recently watching Digimon Tri, the newest continuation of the Digi-Destined’s story, this character was fresh in my mind, and Kekenoji did a marvelous job modeling this awesome warrior.

The main body is nicely stylized, built with various techniques and upside-down bricks to give the effect of a suit of armor. The chest uses stacked 1×2 plates to achieve the blue stripes. Tires provide body to the core, as well as strength through friction, something Kekenoji makes use of again in the arms and the joints of the legs. The capes that the builder used have a pretty goofy source, coming from a few Zerg’s from the Toy Story line that Kekenoji had.

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Eat your heart out, NASA

One small step for a minifigure, one giant leap for minifigure-kind. Builder Centuri Chan has created a fantastic spaceship to get the first two minifigures to Mars by 2028. Nostalgia certainly is a powerful force and the new buildable figures provided a perfect template for Centuri Chan to project their love for the Classic Space theme. This Minifigure Launch System, as dubbed by the builder, is a playful spin on the brick-built mega-figures that LEGO has begun to release. Littered with astronauts and robots, this crawler is on its way to the launch pad for further testing of this minifigure-inspired spacecraft. Two yellow pilots sit in the helmet, just above a wonderful, brick-built Classic Space logo while the rest of the crew tends their various assignments. I love the nod to Classic City sets and Octan with the white, red, and green tanks.

Race to Mars! Minifigure Launch System (MLS)

Checking out the back lets us see the boosters that Centuri Chan attached to the spaceman-spacecraft while also making us wonder what exactly the elusive orange spaceman is doing up there.

Race to Mars! Minifigure Launch System (MLS)

This Techno Samurai is dressed to impress

LEGO’s big cloth pieces are certainly among the odder bits to use in a creation, and it’s always interesting seeing how clever builders can incorporate them. Marius Herrmann says that the cloth was indeed the inspiration behind this techno samurai robot, which uses the cape from the large buildable Chirrut Îmwe figure from Star Wars. Although Marius says the design was cheekily a ploy to see how little LEGO building they could get away with, the exposed arms and head are nevertheless quite fantastic, with a great mix of elements. Altogether, it reminds me of something that Arasaka would have built in Cyberpunk 2077.

B1-"Agelaius" Dueler

Imagine LEGO Gorillaz in a real world of the plastic beach

Music-inspired LEGO sets are getting a lot of attention right now. While the recent announcement of  this fall’s LEGO Art The Beatles set honors the Fab Four, Gorillaz are a more contemporary awesome foursome that is popular with LEGO fans. Legotruman designed Gorillaz as buildable figures. The British virtual band is one of legotruman’s latest virtual creations, following the stunning Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”.

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LEGO Disney 43179 Mickey and Minnie Mouse available for pre-order [News]

LEGO’s newest Disney set 43179 Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters is now available for pre-order from LEGO for US $179.99 | CAN $229.99 | UK £169.99. The set comes with 1,739 pieces to build both Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as autographed bases and several accessories.

These characters are bigger than they seem in photos, so check out our hands-on review of Mickey and Minnie or the video beneath the jump to see the scale and construction of each, including several new elements.

LEGO is also offering a gift-with-purchase of 40411 Creative Fun 12-in-1 with orders of at least $85 through July 26th or while supplies last.

See video of LEGO’s new Mickey and Minnie buildable characters and a gallery of product photos.

LEGO Disney 43179 Mickey and Minnie Mouse are 1,700-piece buildable characters [News]

LEGO has officially revealed their newest Disney product, 43179 Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters. The set comes with 1,739 pieces to build both Mickey and Minnie Mouse in dynamic positions as well as autographed bases and several accessories.

Mickey and Minnie will be available from LEGO starting July 1st for US $179.99 | CAN $229.99 | UK £169.99.

Take a closer look at the LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Buildable Characters

Hands on with LEGO Minions: Rise of Gru sets at Toy Fair New York [News]

Live from Toy Fair New York, we have close-up photos of the five upcoming LEGO sets from Minions: Rise of Gru announced yesterday. The sets include buildable Minions complete with fun interiors, a Chinese temple, new minifigures, and more.

These five Minions sets range in price from US $19.99 to $49.99 and will be available starting April 27th.

CLick to get a closer look at the LEGO Minions: Rise of Gru sets

Knight’s Kingdom II is kickin’ it new school

Forgotten somewhere in the recesses of LEGO castle history is Knights’ Kingdom II. It lacks the deep nostalgia of the castle themes from the 1980s and early 90s and the surprising novelty of the Fantasy Era sets. For some people, it might rank above Nexo Knights while still remaining near the bottom of their list of favorite castle themes. What it did do well, though, was to introduce Bionicle-like buildable figures to castle, allowing builders to fight each other with action-figure sized LEGO creations. Have you ever tried to engage someone else in a duel with a minifigure holding a sword? I have. It is not easy, and it looks strange to boot. Constraction figures solved that problem, and LEGO 7 has solved the problem of clunky old constraction figures for the theme, giving Sir Adric a brilliant updating.


Many of the pieces of Sir Adric have been retained, like the shield, ax head, helm, greaves, and pauldrons. But the similarity ends there, as the builder has introduced heaps of constraction parts from Bionicle and other themes, with Darth Vader’s chest armor being among the most notable. While the original Adric was small and static, this one is the complete opposite, large and dynamic. Look at that action pose! Sir Adric could totally chop Vladek to bits with this upgrade. I love LEGO 7’s model, and I’m not even a fan of constraction!

Skate for your life!

Kids, always wear protective gear when skating or cycling – unless you take part in a wild futuristic survival race, and your life depends on your score. Paddy Bricksplitter reveals a roller skater of the future: a courageous racer running in a pair of very high-tech roller-skates. The dynamics of the scene and posture of the figure tell a story of some death-or-glory showdown. Besides the excellent composition, the build is remarkable for its scale, which perfectly suits Rey’s head. Finishing everything off is spot-on use of multiple stickers from various LEGO themes.

Skate Or Die!